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Well S%@T on me!!!


Well I got conformation from the Doctor That I'm officially injured. He conformed my suspensions that I have at least one dislocated rib. The severity of which is unknown until the X-ray results come in tomorrow. According to the Doc I'm looking at 6-8 weeks for it to fully recover. GREAT!!!!!!
I need opinions from the collective mind of this forum on how I should proceed in regards to my training. Since Im not sure if I can make a decision which isn't ego based. Do I keep the course as much as I can ? Or do I look at the short term and focus on say conditioning awhile and just let the rib heal?


Run Forrest Run


do you have a meet planned? if no, take the time to heal, and work on other things. not that I would follow this advice.


DJHT-Fat men weren’t design to run

Pete- I had a Meet planned for Oct. But now I’m afraid that’s up in the air ,if this does take 8 weeks to heal.I do know at this point pulls are out.


I’d work the shit out of seld drags and maybe, maybe farmers walks with lightish weight for greater distances.


[quote]bulldog9899 wrote:
DJHT-Fat men weren’t design to run


You can do it…


Well now that there is actually a post in this thread I’m kind of a dick.

Take the time to rest, do some conditioning and work on any of those short comings we all put off cause they’re not awesome. Don’t push it and drag the problem out longer.


Step one: wait for the x-rays and talk to the doc. Do you trust your doctor to understand you need this fixed ASAP? Does he have a plan?

Step two: do you have a chiropractor or someone similar who has worked with this before? Sometimes it’s possible to shove the rib back into place and take a couple weeks off the healing time.


Second what Cav says, go see a chiro. One of my training partners has to have ribs put back in place damn near weekly, world record holder at that.

I am avoiding any xrays or mris this year, I don’t want to know how F@#%ed I really am, lol.


Sorry about the injury. But its only 6-8 weeks. Enjoy the summer. Take some walks. Work on your tan. Get back at it in August. There will be other meets.


bulldog - I just took 3 months to straighten out my knee. I’m 50 and want to be hiking, biking and lifting for another 30 years at least. Take a couple of months and get that shit fixed.

It’s small change in the scheme of things.


[quote]ecogenx wrote:
Sorry about the injury. But its only 6-8 weeks. Enjoy the summer. Take some walks. Work on your tan. Get back at it in August. There will be other meets.[/quote]

I’ll agree with this. At this point in our lives we are looking at longevity, not immediacy. I’ve never had a problem with my ribs but I have to imagine that any type of compression or contraction is gonna be painful.


work around the injury… working the guns wont effect the rib, but seriously you can still do leg presses and different things that don’t aggravate the rib area. This is how I did it with my rib injury. Heavy breathing wont help it heal faster either. work lighter weights and higher reps and if it hurts lower the weight or move on. I know that your equipment is limited and would offer you to come workout with me but my times vary so much I don’t think it would help you much.
The chiro is a awesome idea I had my brother in-law crack my back… I know I know. anyway he cracked my back and the pain was cut in half still took several weeks to completely heal but moved things along much quicker

Also think that you are setting an example for your boys what advice would you give them what would you want them to do.


Im going to parrot what mostly everyone is saying.

I have both dislocated and cracked a rib or two along the way,
and I should have taken time off and healed up - and I didn’t and it took twice as long.


Bulldog up to you man sometimes things happen for a reason, maybe your body is telling you something? Sorry to hear about the injury and hope you heal up quickly.


Dammutt, I’m going to disagree with you even though I’m pretty sure you could kick sand in my face, take my lunch money, and beat the living s##t out of me.

Any exercise that involves bracing your core puts said rib at risk of re-injury. Even with pure isolation movements like leg extensions and machine curls, you tend to stiffen your core. My advice would be to take the doc’s advice and let this heal proper. 6-8 weeks out of your remaining training career is insignificant.

Time to diet and do cardio!


First I would like to thank all you guys for your input.Like I stated my common sense was in direct conflict with my ego.

Found out a few things today. One I will not ever use my company physician again.(long story) At any rate the X ray showed no major damage. Nothing broken and the rib is still connected .

But I’m still looking at a few weeks of recovery.

Well I guess Ill take a majority of the advice and just focus on some conditioning work and work on some mobility Issues. Along with dropping some weight.Ill give at least 4 weeks or until its pain free before Ill try and slowly reintroduce the heavy stuff back in.

So does anyone have any interesting conditioning routines I could try to knock my dick in the dirt.


Busted a couple ribs, twice, After the mistakes I made…
I would say let it ride. Don’t do anything that hurts.


tabata sled sprints…


Agreed with Damutt, this is an opportunity to teach the young’un how to get through injury. He’ll be in sports for a while, may have to face the same thing.