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Well Rounded Ab Workout?


Does this cover my abs enough and adequately? I basically am looking to get a firm, strong, well developed 6pack that not only looks good when I lean but is functional for sports and over general health.


Hanging Knee Crunch 1X12
Leg Thrust 1x12
Side Crunch 1X12 (Each Side)
Swiss Ball Russian Twist 1X12
Swiss Ball Crunch 1X12
Abdominal Rollout 1x12

Active Rest

Abdominal Stretch 20 Seconds x 2
Side Bend Stretch 20 seconds x2
Stomach Vacuums 20 Seconds x2

Repeat cycle 3 times with no additional rest


CT has two articles on this very subject aI suggest you look at. In general you want to lift with your abs the same as any muscle group. you will want to go for varied rep and loading ranges.


Here you go



You should have

Trunk flexion
Hip flexion
trunk rotation
hip rotation
lateral flexion

I'd also recomend a isometric contraction exercise to train transverse abds. and also an exercise that isolates the lower abds. ( as this is a week spot for many ).


I'll give you one million dollars if you can isolate your TVA (said in my best Dr. Evil voice). McGill has shown that such stuff is nonsense.


Check out "21st Century Core Training" by Mike Robertson.


Maybe isolating the transverse is out of the ?.
But training the transverse should be done.