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Well lisn't that Nice!!!!!!

So this fall my girlfriend wanted to join a mixed volleyball league.We play once a week. Being a nice guy and in the best interests of the relationship, I agreed to play. Last night while playing, I turned , took a couple of steps and then it felt like someone kicked me in the middle of my left calf muscle. Ended up at the Emergency room because I basically could not walk. Doc tells me that either I have torn my calf muscle slightly or more likely, a muscle that we humans do not need ,the planteris muscle, ruptured. Next 10 days or so it is going to be sore and I cannot really use that muscle group. Even today I cannot put any weight on it. Ya ya HAH HAH very funny…I got an owie in my calf muscle. But think for a minute…what kind of exercises can be done with a bum leg? Most of the time you have to plant with both legs to stabilize yourself but I cannot put any weight on it. I guess I am going to have a week or so off from training. Moral of the story…screw the relationship, next time skip the volleyball. Weights before Dates!!!

Leg extensions and leg curls, but you have to REALLY stay vigilant to not flex the calves. Dunno, might work.

Going heavy will be pretty tough. You should be able to do most of your arm workouts normally but chest/back/shoulders will be tougher. I’d like to hear some of the exercises people know of that don’t require legs… as last night I managed to step on a power plug that put a rather large hole into the bottom of my foot and I can’t walk on it very well.

I feel your pain. I’m in the process of coming back from a lateral soleus injury. I am now starting to squat again, but for a while I could only do leg extentions. I couldn’t even do leg curls because the pad rested by my Achilles tendon, putting pressure on the affected area. As it got better I was able to do stiff-leg deads, then I started using some stupid unilateral leg press thing. Are you seeing a physical therapist? I didn’t get any better until I saw one.

No physio yet, just happened last night plus the calf is still swollen.

Dude that sucks, sorry. Actually your doc is slightly off about the plantaris muscle, we may not need it (I mean you don’t ultimately need a lot of muscles), but it does stuff for you. The tiny plantaris contributes to the integrity of the knee joint and if its well-trained contributes surprisingly to lateral quickness in cutting and jumping, I know that doesnt help you, but I was grabbed by what your doctor said.

I have to contribute to this thread because of the volleyball similarity. Last September I was six days into a long awaited MAG-10 cycle, with all supplements purchased, logs prepared, food bought. One Friday I decided to drop in at a singles volleyball night at my church, where the level of play is extremely casual, a sort of meadering gab-fest on the court where, at rare intervals, the ball is actually volleyed over the net. In this utterly benign scenario, I managed to dislocate my shoulder, incur over two thousand dollars of ER fees, and had to forego training for seven weeks. “Moral of the story… next time skip the volleyball.”

Holy crud Steve, sounds like I got off “lucky”.
Yup, the moral of the story is to skip the Vball.