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Well, Let Me Have It


Have been lifting casually for many years. More of a ulterior remedy for cholesterol and blood pressure issues. The last 9 months or so I have been much more serious about the definition and composition.

Have just started to "diet" and follow everything on fitday last week. This should be interesting. The goal is to look like me avatar. My chest is the stubborn area, then arms. Probably associated with the diet though....

Here's legs.






Upper body


Relaxed, not pumped


One gun! 16 inches. Almost in the 17" club. lol


Hey, we've actually had some non-troll posters in RMP as of late! You actually look like you lift, maybe more trap/chest development would be in order, but not too bad.


Yeah, chest has been rough. Just recently went to twice a week with some different techniques similar to the latest "chest" article that was posted. Lats are slow too. Hopefully getting the diet in check will help everywhere. Thanks


what are your lifts?


solid overall physique


Bench: 315 2RM (haven't tried to go higher)
Squat: 315 4RM (haven't tried a 1RM)
Rack Deads: 405 3RM (dead from the floor not friendly on old back injury)

33 years old, 6' 2", 204 lbs



im suprised your squat is so weak as especially considering your height, your legs are in excellent condition. is this low squat also a result of your back injury?

as far as critique i would say chest and back thickness are lacking in comparison to the rest, although granted you have a back injury. what kind of injury is it? any way around it?

excellent physique especially considering your height.


Had some lower disk issues about 10 years ago along with a twisted vertebrae. Sciatica acts up regularly. Other than that everything is great! lol To be very honest, many of my limits are due to fear and shitty mobility. With the deads, I have been lowering the pins every month or so as my back strengthens. I am pulling from around the shins now. Hopefully the diet will help me with some of the thickness. Plan on doing some carb cycling. Thanks


I'm an inch or so shorter than you, similar in weight, but my arms are a lil over 16.5, and they don't look as solid as yours. Damn.

Looking good though man. As people said, chest and back thickness, but in time, you can bring those up. Really solid wheels!


Impressive wheels man.


Thanks. We have been hammering the drop sets on the leg extension after squats or presses. Has helped alot in definition.


I'm very surprised your legs look as good as they do considering your relatively low lifts. Kudos on those quads, I think they look excellent.

Your upper body needs work, but you do have some decent arms.

You may want to think about putting more emphasis on upper body as a whole in your training. I'm personally doing this as my chest/arms/shoulders aren't quite where they should be next to my legs and back.


Actually, we put a good amount of emphasis on upper body. Constantly making strength gains. Diet, I believe, is my main issue here. Will be interesting to see how the definition changes as the diet is dialed in. Thanks



Solid man, looking good.




very nice looking quads, like also the calves