Well I've Started The Bulk

And I want to get fuckin strong.

I’m gonna do a strength routine and then shift that into a hypertrophy routine. So I’ve set this up.

3 Days on 1 day off push/pull/legs.

each day revolves around bench/dead/squat. Each day alternates between DE and ME

So it would look like this

push/pull/legs/off/push/pull/legs REPEAT

My question for you guys is can someone give me a good education on how to properly perform DE/ME days? I’m not educated in strength oriented routines. So thanks alot.



Use Search function.

Start out with this:
Do yourself a favor and eat like a horse to. I’ve packed on the strength and size since I started this stuff four and a half months ago. I went from 208 to almost 250 now, raw and naturally. Just make sure you’re getting lots of calories.