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Well, It's True. Too Much Protein.


Just got back from the doctor. Apparently there is far too much protein in my blood. My kidneys aren't processing it correctly. I'm not sure what the unit of measurement is, but my level of protein is 466, and normal is 250. This is damaging my kidneys. The doc recommended i cut my protein in half. For reference, I am 17 yrs. old, 180 lbs., around 12% body fat, and 5'11". I had been eating about 225-250 grams of protein per day. Any ideas on what to do training and diet wise?


Real lab work would be helpful instead of trying to recall values and names from memory.

Creatinine and BUN are commonly used to assess kidney function (neither of which are routinely measured in the 250's).

P.S. There's no link that I'm aware of to excessive protein intake EVER tanking a healthy kidney.


Creatinine was the one. Thank you for jogging my memory. Is this doctor simply misinforming me then? According to her these levels are causing kidney damage. I am a bit young and underexposed to medical speak and the exact science behind it, so I bought in to what she was saying.


Yeah your doctor is like most others. They don't know shit about how training affects creatinine levels. You're fine where you are with protein intake.


I was diagnosed with leukemia before I even went to my official doctor for diagnosis, she had me admitted to the hospital, then the hospital asked me if I took any protein powder because "it can lead to increased white blood count".

I wanted to check myself the fuck out right then, but I needed their testing for insurance confirmation. Ignorant. You don't have a WBC of 250,000 because of protein powder...


I'm pretty sure people with NORMAL kidney function are fine consuming high amounts of protein, whereas people with kidney issues are the ones who might need to be more cautious.

Not trying to spread misinformation...


No offense, but you seem to have very little understanding of what your doctor said. It's possible she didn't explain it that well. I would either do what she says or make another appointment to get a better explanation. You haven't given enough information for anyone to give you advice you should take.


I have a follow up appointment in 2 weeks. I probably don't recall enough to get perfectly accurate advice, just curious/wondering if anyone else had heard anything similar. All I really know is i'm trying to grow, and now my mother has gone and thrown away all my protein powder. Sad, sad day. I'll sneak it out of the garbage tonight.


My liver enzymes and creatinine are both high in my typical blood work. My doctor asked about my lifestyle and diet (he also understands my healthcare background) and said I was fine.


Holy crap.

"Hi guys, My flim flam is 4,500 and the normal flap floop is 365. Apparently this means I need to stop eating protein"

Why do people leave the doctor's office with a compete misunderstanding of what is wrong with them?


No idea - I leave with a print out of my blood work or any testing.

I think people just "trust" their doctor. Never trust them, they make mistakes. When you were telling them about that time your eye twinged and felt funny, they weren't listening.


The flap floop normal is so subjective and based on many factors. Better cut out all protein just to be safe.


I am probably over-trusting. The reason I thought I needed to lower my protein is because that is exactly what she said, "you need to cut your intake in half." she also said that my kidneys were not functioning properly, and her proof of that was my heightened creatinine levels. I understand now, I should'nt believe all healthcare professionals. Thanks guys


Don't wanna mess with the flop flap either. Just wanna get the hawt abz for the ladies


Always get your blood work printed out - then look into the values yourself.


Dude, you have no idea what is wrong with you.

Why wouldn't you trust your doctor until you get more information? And why would you go to the internet instead?



[quote]Professor X wrote:

Holy crap.

"Hi guys, My flim flam is 4,500 and the normal flap floop is 365.quote]



This is funny and strange because I was recently coaching a local highschool kid, skinny as shit, and his recovery was super poor. I suggested he eat more and he responded by telling me he can only consume a certain amount of protein because he has a "disease" or "disorder" cant remember which word he used that prevented his body from breaking down protein and caused kidney damage. Kid broke it down for me and everything. I stood there a moment and said "yeah, get a second opinion. Just in case." But the kid was 100% on everything. I didnt really believe him.
Maybe these dudes have the same doctor. Some vegan Dr. out there trying to stop people from getting hyyoge!


Faulty kidneys mean you may have trouble processing protein, not that excessive protein caused the condition. That's all I've got to say.

Mighty Stu Out!