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Well it's 4.30am...


...and here I am wide awake.

So I fixed myself a snack consisting of Oats, Milk, Strawberry Jam and a Banana.

Looks like arse but tastes surprisingly good. As I watch the TV, I see an ad for Lost. There's some gay show about bad parents and how they can't raise their brats on. I haven't shaved in two weeks, and I'm now convinced I'd be pulled aside for a "random" security check at any international airport.

In fact, I'm going to take the computer out to the garage and start my leg workout.

I'll plan it all out right now:

Deadlifting (Sumo and Romanian).
More squats until my legs give out on me.

How's everybody else going today?


So you can't sleep at 4:30 and decide to have a snack consisting of pure carbs? I don't get it were you trying to stay awake?


I am now.

I've decided sleep is for the weak.


Stuck working today, but going to cut out early to hit chest/back. It's a beautiful day here in Atlanta, GA, and I'm stuck inside... uggh.


Its 10:53 AM, and raining like shit right now.



Work all fucking day. Oh, and we just got 12-16 inches of snow last night.



I am fine thank you. So nice of you to ask.

Slightly hungover.


I am choking down my choco MD and yogurt shake after some lame cardio. At least it's not the middle of the night though.


I'm just bored out of my damn mind. I've gone to the gym every single day for the last week, I kind of feel like going again today. I dunno if it would be worth it though.


Had a little meeting with other people, did GVT. Now I stand in the kitching grilling chicken on my Georgie grill.


just back from 45mins on the bike, kept it above 30kph the whole time. did some shoulder weights.

now im planning on dedicateing the next 3 hours of my life to uni work.


I was supposed to hang out with this girl today, but my parents won' let me leave because I didn't finish a paper on time.



Oo, yea. That one sucks.

But yet your posting on T-Nation instead of getting that paper done? :confused:


i have fucking papers to do... and i cant start them. :smiley: grrrr... all i want to do is go lift again or sleep.


Shit actually this weekend I should have been doing my assignments.

and did none...and instead been reading most of the time on superdrol, random topics, sleeping, eating and well, working out.

Jesus Christ I'm one lazy fuck.

Ah well.


Just stare at your avatar and all will be well..


Indeed... hypnosis therapy :slight_smile:


I finished it and turned it in on friday. So they let me go out on just friday.


Now thats harsh.

Chins and straps? Or squats...and milk?


cleans and vodka