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Well is This a Safe Way?

Week Stanozolol mg/day Andriol caps/day
1 15 -
2 15 -
3 20 4
4 20 4
5 20 6
6 25 6
7 25 6
8 - 6

Safe, well it won’t kill you.

Effective, not in the slightest.

Why would you post this thread twice?

So by logical deduction we can say that this thread is stupid.
You posted it twice.
So by logical deduction again, this thread is twice as stupid as most?

Just a suggestion. . .

Read the stickies at the top of this forum. Lots of good info there. If you do your research, some people may be willing to help. Also multiple posts with terrible stacks will not help you.

It appears that you found some names on the “interwebz” and are regurgitating them here. Once you put some time into reading these stickies, you will (hopefully), be able to understand for yourself why it is important to get some basic knowlege first.

People (the experienced ones) can tell if you have actually done your homework or not.