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Well.. I'm a Believer Now!


I've been on HOT-ROX for 10 days... I'm not very big, started at only 170 lbs. Previously, it was very easy for me to get lean OR to get strong.. and fat, but I stalled when trying to stay lean and get stronger. Nothing happened. It was one or the other, and I don't like geting weaker, so I sorta gave up on being lean. Till now.

Today, I weighed myself, I'm 175 lbs, and now have 4 of my abs showing (a hint of the bottom two is there, but not fully).

My typical diet is ~2000 calories, I only eat carbs in the morning for breakfast, or during/after my workouts in my workout/post workout shake. I'm eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. I'm not avoiding fat per-se, unless it's the bad stuff. I am taking creatine post workout, so a few lbs of that weight gain is likely water, meaning when I cycle off creatine, I should be about the same weight but leaner. The stubborn fat around my middle is leaving quickly, but it also seems that visceral fat is going as well. My stomach is definitely smaller (my belt doesn't lie)

My strength is higher then ever (new max in deadlifts and bench press), and I feel great with no side effects. None! And here's the kicker.. I'm taking only 1/2 the recommended daily dosage. 1 in the morning, and 1 before lunch.

I have done no cardio.

This is not a plug, so far HOT-ROX is the only Biotest product I have tried.

I don't think it would do anything for someone who isn't willing to diet and lift hard while on it. It appears to be designed specifically for what we do. I am very impressed so far.


Nice work and great results.


Excellent work my friend...just cracked open my HOT-ROX this morning so hopefully I will be able to concur with you on the products efficacy. Unlike yourself though I don't have a 6 pack so much as a keg so the HOT-ROX will be doing well to overcome that up hill battle.


Just because it stood out pretty boldly to me, this guy gained 5lbs....while taking creatine...and is only eating 2,000cals a day...yet has been training for 18 YEARS...and only weighs 175lbs. Unless this guy is near contest condition, I would say his approach is fairly WRONG.

But hey, let's all be positive.


Yes Lets.

What I was and am comending him for was starting at 170 and he stated Not in great shape either skinny and weak or Fat and strong. Well now he is 5 lbs heavier, stronger, and More defined. Hey Id say hes learning and figuring something out. Thats what its all about.

Were not all as gifted and All knowing as you El' Guopo.

Keep it up Bro and dont mind Oscar. He's in one of his moods it seems. Lots of great info if you van put up with the Crap.


This has nothing to do with being all knowing. It has everything to do with knowing that creatine alone causes a 5-10lbs weight gain in most people. That is why his 5lbs weight gain (an amount of weight that some people waver between in one day) can't be credited to some amazing feat in the kitchen. His body weight, considering an 18 year training claim in his personal info, implies that he is probably also one of those who is so afraid of gaining body fat or losing any definition that he hardly makes progress. Bottom line, crediting HOT-ROX with a 5lbs weight gain in 10 days and ignoring the FACT that creatine can produce that effect alone makes me wonder why you or anyone else would ignore this information just to give him "props". What good are you really doing this person? You aren't identifying a problem and helping him deal with it, you are simply providing nearly the same stimulus that a Hallmark card would.


OH boy Oh Boy here we go again. What good am I doing with my approach to people in general on the forum. Well about the same amount as you and anyone on a forum. 99% of the great or Shitty advice for that matter is wasted, never used or listened to. I just have found most people looking/asking for help on a forum etc and having to post little accomplishments like this respond better to positive feedback as opposed to your " buddy you didnt and have never accomplished SHIT" approach. By being civil I have simply found that I can help a person or two. Hell Ive even met a few people I now consider friends. Sure I lift, I bleed , I spit , I fart ( ask the DC t cell guys on this), I curse more than anyone should. But above all I try and focus on the positive and give people at first the benefit of the doubt until they F that up.

Now your type of approach is what I use with my self and well others I know. IN person. But hey I dont feel The need to do it in a forum environment. You just come off as a cocky know i all asshole even if thats not really what you are, Then theres me. By the approach I use I come across as some sap, Mr. Rodgers type. All hugs and Kisses yada yada where that is no where near the truth either. You cant win for losing.

I just choose the route that I like better I suppose. Its VERY tough to have a message read correctly on the internet. The words are read and lack to tone and personality of the spoken word. So I simply find it better to choose my route.

As for the case specific. Well First I took the 170 not as a 10 day ago starting point but a staring point in general. Long ago. That he has now been using HOT-ROX for ten days has probably cut some weight off in the form of Fat and is now more Ripped, stronger, etc then he has ever been at one time.

Sure I agree with the creatine statement. Hell I can take a dump and be Five Lbs lighter as well. But neither creatine or taking a Dump will make my abs show more at a heavier weight and have more strength.


Truth be told if we ever met in person we'd probably have a lot in common just both of us are taken as an Internet persona that is NEVER correct.

Anyway another fun one Pro. X. have a Great day,



This stood out a bit for me. Just to clarify, you mean trans-fats and shitty commercial vegetable oils right?


I didn't even read all of this. This thread isn't about whatever problems you have with how I write. I could care less how you perceive my writing. In reality, however, I doubt I could actually care less so perhaps I should end this with I care not at all. My post had no other goal but to point out what was pretty significant to me. All hugs and kisses aside, I thought the goal was progress?


You seemed to have missed the part where I said likely my weight gain is due to creatine.

I'm coming off a 1 month fast (Ramadan), where my daily intake drops to around 900-1000 cals/day towards the end. I always rebound a 4-6 lb fat gain every year around this time. Plus, I am taking creatine, another 4-5 lbs gain. If I wasn't taking HOT-ROX this would be fat, due to a reduced metabolism over the Ramadan fast.

I have no desire to weigh anything greater than 175. I've been 190, and it's really slow and restrictive. For the activitis I like to do, weighing that much doesn't make sense.

My goals are to be strong and lean. Just because my goals are not the same as yours, and my approach is different, does not make it WRONG.

Plus, I think my lift numbers are pretty good for my weight. All raw, no belt, shirt whatever.

Deadlift - 1RM 440lbs
Squat - 1RM 335
Bench - 2RM 265 (Working on this one, damned rotator cuff)


True.. I'm not eating anything that comes out of a box, so my diet is pretty clean. I just added nuts/seeds after making it to the grocery store over the weekend. I also make it a point to eat only omega 3 eggs, not only to are they good for you, they taste way better. I'm buying regular ground beef, but draining the fat after cooking.

I'm tracking my diet on fitday.com.

For me personally, I tink my body tolerates fat quite well without putting on much blubber. It's the carbs that seem to make me look soft.


Didn't miss it. Only noted it is much more than likely the cause. I am also pointing out that HOT-ROX is probably not the cause of your lean body mass gain as your post implied it was.

No one said your goals were wrong. In fact, we are just now hearing what your goals are. Considering this is still primarily a bodybuilding think tank, someone stating that they have lifted for 18 years weighing only 175lbs at your height should stand out. What sport are you participating in?


Primarily snowboarding (winter) and mountain biking (summer).

I think being between 170-185 for my height is OK. Consider just out of high school I was around 130lbs, and I was working out and eating like my life depended on it, so being 175 lean is a bit of an accomplishment. Also, this may be primarily a bodybuilding forum, but you seem to be implying that someone that doesn't want 20" arms doesn't belong here. ProfX, you seem to know what you are talking about sometimes, but your adverserial approach sucks.

I've upped my calories to about ~2500, the weight gain has atleast slowed, if not stopped, but HOT-ROX still appears to be burning the fat away. I'm doing a 10x3/5x5 program, which seems to be working well in conjuction with my goal of leaning out without losing weight. I'm on a 1/2 dosage to keep the weight loss at a minimum.