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Well I Can't Complain Ever Again


There's this guy that started working at my gym recently. Pretty friendly dude, said he was about to start being a trainer. He didn't look that jacked, but he was pretty enthusiastic. I notice a huge scar going around his right arm, and after a while, I asked him how he got it. He was apparently in a bike accident, he wiped out, reached out to grab a fence he was sliding by. He kept going. His right forearm didn't. His fucking arm got torn off. They sewed the fucking thing back on, then adhered it to his side while the nerves reattached.

He got out of the hospital in January at 129 lbs. and just passed back over 170. I give him all the fucking credit in the world. I can't imagine being in shape, having something like that happen, and have to basically start probably weaker than when you started. Plus he's the only trainer at my gym that's pushing for them to get some sledges, heavy ropes, and a Prowler. After talking to this guy I don't think I can ever complain about anything gym related again...


I only hope that I would have that kind of courage and dedication in the face of adversity. Great story.


That is bad-ass. My roommate tore his ACL dirt-biking and after the surgery he didn't do shit. Started smoking, went to PT about once a week for a month and then stopped, sat on the couch collecting his SS $ (he was discharged from the Navy after going completely psycho, but they didn't realize it was highly exacerbated by him constantly shooting speed, which is another story entirely).

I was always trying to get him to get his ass off the couch and lift with me, or get him on his bass while I played the drums, or go for a hike or something. But he just sat on the fucking couch gaining weight (and constantly complaining about how fat he was getting) and never leaving the house unless it was to have a cigarette or get food. If I had known about this guy and his severed arm, I would have beat my roommate over the head with his story. He's finally off his ass, but I think it's because he stopped taking his meds again and he's going through a super manic phase.


That's awesome for the soon to be trainer that he's still so motivated and determined...

I just wish his story would make you never complain about your ex again tho...


I do wonder what would make him think grabbing a fence while sliding by it is a good idea. But, I digress, sounds badass.


My.new.hero. Thanks for sharing the story.


okay, hold up for a minute here.

First off: I did some research, and most times a severed limb (especially one as complicated as the forearm) takes years to get back to 100%. Also, have you ever had a compound fracture? How long did that take to heal before you could put a load on it?

Now we're talking about a limb that was ripped, not cleanly cut, RIPPED off of the body.

Second: if he grabbed for the fence, I'm thinking something would have given before his arm tore off. Like, dislocation of his digits/elbow/shoulder before his arm ripped off. he must have one HELL of a kung fu grip.

i think he (or you) are full of shit.


He was in the hospital for a loooong ass time. He got out in January. He didn't get it ripped off then. I also don't think he grabbed the fence with his hand...he shot his arm out as he went by and the fence tore at his forearm

edit: He has the scar on his side from where they sewed the arm to his body to stabilize it. He also has a brutal scar all the way around his forearm. I doubt he's full of shit.


Damn... very cool story. Talk about serious dedication and commitment.



No bionics?

Fucking HMOs.


okay THAT clears things up a bit, thanks.


It wouldn't surprise me if he shot out his arm, it got caught in one of the diamonds in a chain link fence (assuming that was the kind of fence), and it was leveraged into being ripped off. Sounds possible to me, if he was going fast enough, and just got that unlucky.

Hella motivating, either way.


I grabbed a mailbox when I couldn't stop myself while going down a hill on rollerblades once... I scraped up my knees n stuff.

I can haz praises? :stuck_out_tongue:


x2. Very Inspiring.


I played poker with a guy who lost his arm when he jumped of an electricity pylon to commit suicide, changed his mind after jumping, and grabbed back onto the pylon and ripped it off. It's not out of the question.

He also lost the leg he landed on. So now he's two limbs down and still alive. Dumbass.


Damn, what a retard. I hope you rivered him with 7/2 off-suite just to rub it in some more.


More importantly; How does he deal now?





No the cards! How does he deal without an arm when you guys play poker?


Look, man. I know I make it look real easy and all, but this witty thing takes, like, emotional energy, you know? So why don't we just try to appreciate just a lil bit. Help me help you.