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Well, F**k, I Broke My Fibula


I broke my fibula during jujitsu training. Doc says 6-8 weeks before I can walk and a few months after that before I can train on it.

I am wondering how such an injury will affect my squat in the long run. There is slight displacement and doc is letting it grow back slightly displaced so I'm wondering if anyone had similar injuries and what their story is like when they started training again. Did it affect you in the long run? Did u have reduced ankle mobility?


Well, I had a serious injury and surgery on my knee, not exactly the same, but similar. One part of the surgery was they had to break my tibia. The Doctor said that I wouldn't really be able to do much until about 4 months following surgery, but I was back in the gym squatting in less than 3. I think it really depends on your recovery abilities.

After that, it took a while to regain strength, and I probably returned to my pre surgery strength 6 months after it (I had to have two more procedures, so that made it tougher). Now I am MUCH stronger than before, but this is over two years following the initial surgery, so thats to be expected. Just think about the long term. You will recover and you will get stronger, don't get down on yourself if you are not strong right away, it will just take some time.


You sure it wasn't your Labia?



I also fractured my fibula. They screwed it back together so that the ankle joint was nicely aligned. I don't buy the "few months after that you can train on it." It hurt like crazy, but walking ASAP and rehabbing aggressively are necessary. Actually I deadlifted the day after I got the hard cast off with no problems.

Reduced ankle mobility: yeah, but it's back to normal now. Just work on ankle mobility.
Training impact: free squatting hurt like crazy for several months. Box squatting was fine. Now I'm back to free squatting and much stronger than before in less than a year.
long run impact: every once in a while it hurts. If I don't massage and stretch the calf muscle enough everything tightens up and the pain keeps me from sleeping.


Thanks for sharing your story guys. Ninja, that was funny.