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Well-Composed Breakfast Ideas?

Lately it turns out I can not eat dairy oats and generally grains. So I have a problem to compose some good breakfast. Currently I eat 100g of kasha and about 15g of walnuts on work days (cause it is fast to prepare day before) and on weekends I eat 4 eggs + some veggies and banana. Problem is that kasha + walnuts are a lof of carbs + some fat. I would like to have some better composed breakfast but not eggs for the whole week ;). Please make some suggestions.

Chia pudding with some protein powder, almond milk, some fruit (a banana or berries) and maybe some nut butter is a balanced meal that is easy to prepare the night before.

Are you Eastern European by any chance? Just wondering

Protein powder is dairy so I can not eat it. I’m from Poland. Word kasha with same pronunciation is used in many eastern European countries. They use same world in Mongolia as well but I think they call it kashka – we use this word as well for some other grits.

Ahh okay, in that case, maybe boiling some eggs the night before might work.

Wow, that’s cool.

I eat eggs two times a week already. I can it it once or twice more but I don’t want it eat everyday. They said it is not good for health and that would be boring.

Yes, that’s a cool country – 3 degrees of Celsius today :wink:

Find some non dairy protein powder.

You can also treat breakfast the same as any other meal. I just had sardines, ground beef, and a salad for breakfast. Options are limitless if you go outside traditional breakfast foods.

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Good point. Can you provide more examples of meals? Frankly my diet is a bit monotone lately. Especially I can’t eat diary and some other food.

Try a meat and nuts breakfast or 6 whole pasture eggs. Pro and fats for breakfast will set keep you sharp for the day.

This is the best solution no doubt. Restricting a meal to a narrow list of ‘breakfast foods’ is very limiting.

My breakfast this morning was 250g of 5% Steak mince and 180g of white rice.


I also cant eat dairy or most grains. There is a well known supplement company in Europe (UK based I believe) that sells hydrolysed beef protein isolate. Its not quite as nice as whey, and takes more effort to mix, but its 97% protein and completely dairy free.

This is an option and there is also isolate made of soya but they say soya is bad for hormones. I like the option of meat with rice and some veggies for breakfast. I would rotate it with eggs from time to time. On the other hand that would make me base my main meals on meat – breakfast, dinner, supper. That is quite a lot of meat.

Yea I would personally avoid soy, and I would always suggest you use meat over protein powder where you can, especially when you cant use whey because the dairy free proteins invariably have worse amino acid profiles. Whats wrong with meat base for all your meals? Thats what I do, meat is the foundation for each of my 3 meals a day. I chose the meat and weight, then add the carbs I need and then, depending how much fat was in the meat, Ill add some fats.

I usually eat 750g of meat a day.

I never ate so much meat, most often it’s two times a day, so I don’t know how my stomach will take it and how I will feel. Also I would have to go to shop often because I do not like frozen meat. I think I will try this solution because it seems easy. If you have any other ideas for meals I’m open to try it.

I mean, 750g is only around 200g of protein. I weigh about 200lb so im not exactly going overboard with what is generally the consensus on good protein intake for recovery and growth. How do you train?

Meat is one of the things least likely to cause digestive distress, its one of the things our bodies digests most easily and efficiently. Beef in particular.

I do strength training 3 times per week. I weight 77kg and I do not see any difference in growth and strength gain, which is miserable by the way, whether I eat 120 or 160 grams of proteins a day. I see the difference in strength when I eat a lot of carbohydrates day before training. Currently my diet is 2750kcal a day, 136P, 91F, 320C (in grams) or 19.77P, 30F, 46.5C (percent of daily intake of calories). My weight is stable.

If your weight is stable, and you’re trying to grow, you need to up your calories.

Your protein looks low, so everything else the same, but added protein, might be a good way to go

Breakfast : Avacado + salmon is nice twice a week. Add toast or non dairy carbs.

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Today I ate 200g of minced pork ham with 100g of kasha. This is 650 calories so twice my usual breakfast which was 100g of porridge. I thought because I ate twice as many calories I will stay satiated for longer but after 3h I feel hungry. I’m not sure if it is because it is my usual time to eat or maybe I ate to little fat. Tomorrow I plan to eat 200g of minced meet with 50g of kasha and 20g of walnuts so my calories stay roughly the same but I will trade some carbohydrates for fat.

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