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Well-Butrin- CNS or No?

Ive heard conflicting things on Wellbutrin; mainly, the consensus of this forum is that it is a CNS. Everything I pulled up on medline has no mention of it as a stimulant

(“For such patients, there are a number of non-stimulant agents that serve as second-line treatments. Tricyclic antidepressants (TCAs) are the most studied of these drugs. They are superior to placebo in the treatment of ADHD and may reduce abnormal movements in patients with ADHD/tic disorder. TCAs often produce side effects of sedation, dry mouth, and constipation. Bupropion is superior to placebo in the treatment of ADHD and has a more favorable side-effect profile than the TCAs”)

I’m looking for an antidepressant, as I have SAD. I shy away from SSRIs, as they make me hungry as sin. I also just finished a cycle of ephedrine and want my adrenal glands to recover (as prescribed in one of the recent interviews… IE fish oils, 3g/ vitamin C a day…) But my adrenal system wont recover if I’m on a stimulant. Any suggestions or input, maybe something I missed?

Hi, BJJRaver. Hopefully, some of the more pharmaceutically savy/intelligent members of the forum will stop by shortly. But in the meantime, since brain chemistry is not a good thing to play 'round with, have you tried having this discussion with your doctor and/or a pharmacist or two?

For SAD, are you taking advantage of tanning beds and/or Bright Light Therapy?

Odd question, but do you have cats or dogs, and is there any chance you’re all allergic to them?

i go to meet with him monday, but when i go to the doctor i like to know what my options are as to come out knowing i made the best decision… i dont have a dog but both my parents do… im not allergic, and i get depressed every winter, although the start generally changes… i dont know much about sunbathing or heat lamps… thanks much… later

BBJ, TT is referring to special lights that have been very useful for many people with SAD. These lamps are not heat lamps. Tanning beds have been shown to have some (usually slight) beneficial effects, but not wide-spread by any means. How do I know this? I too suffer from SAD, as well as full-blown depression at times (see my earlier posts), consequently I have done a fair amount of research/experimentation.

As far as presription drugs go, don’t count out the SSRIs, they are by far the most effective for mild-moderate depression (including SAD).There are many of them and side-effects vary considerably. As for hunger, well, being depressed makes me pretty hungry, I’ll take the control I gain from being stable thanks. For non-medical alternatives, Omega3s are an excellent sup to add, in high doses, like 6-10 g a day. Some people like St. John’s Wort of course. Regular exercise (which I imagine you already do, being here), especially light cardio. Maybe consult a Naturopath too.

Hey BJJRaver,

I am new here, but if I may, I'd like to make a suggestion. I'm a counselor ...perhaps this will help.

 Please go to LEF (Life Extension Foundation)  In their search enter:

Seasonal Affective Disorder. Their latest update is from 6/11/03, so quite recent.

 They have some great information from diet changes to meds. It will help you be more informed when you speak with your Doc, which is, as Tampa Terry stated, the number one thing to do.

   I myself have been on Wellbutrin for a time, of course everyone is different, but should you have any questions please feel free to PM me, I'm not giving medical advice, only my personal experience and that  which I have read. 

     Best of luck to you