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Welcoming a True Legend!

Tim, can you add private messages? It was nice talking to members through

Unfortunately, no. We used to allow private messaging, but it turned into underground sex and drug dealing, and spam selling.

So has this T Nation site been on the internet with Dr Darden or is this the beginning of it? I heard people talk about T Nation but it always sounded like it might have been a site with ways of boosting testosterone through drugs or whatever so I never visited it. I’m guessing that’s not the case if Darden is here!

I want to wish Dr Darden the best of luck with this new venue. As much as I enjoyed participating on the old site, I sometimes wondered why he kept it going. While the discussions could be interesting, they often went in directions very far removed from the promotion of HIT. So I can see the appeal of starting with a clean slate, with a forum that focuses on his coaching advice.

Like others, I am also a little sad to see all of those old articles, and the discussion threads (which were a mix of good and bad) vanish in the blink of an eye. The same thing happened when the Body By Science forum got hacked and then disappeared.


All of those old articles, stories, and much more are still filed in my head. They are wanting to be retold to a different audience.

Hey NW lifter, somebody from the old forum I recognize !

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Ha yes, I think a few of us will migrate here for a peak now and again :slight_smile:

I never figured the old forum would ever cease So failed to get some email addresses of the few fellows like you who I might have wanted to talk with in the future. It’s funny how accustomed I got to going to that site and commenting on some thread. A day never went by that I wasn’t on that site for a while.  I’m wondering if this new one will feel the same at some point? I do go to other forums but they are about photography , Civil War cannons or other topics. Maybe someone up above is telling me to stop going to forums, ha ha! 


me too, I was at that old forum every day since it was opened… very sad it’s gone. What kills me is the old threads I wished I’d have downloaded and saved. Stuff way back to the beginning, great discussions we had… now just gone… :frowning: Very weird we got no warning, dang it…

this forum will be different for sure, I visit it a bit, it’s nothing like the good old one though, but cool people can ask Darden questions, just not a place like the old one where I felt comfortable just talking with members.

I’d PM you my email but no PMs here :frowning:
I go to photography forums too, so far those are still up and running so that’s good!

I’m sorry but I tried to write more in my last post but it only posted the first sentence out of around 10? I tried to delete it as it didn’t make much sense as it is. I must be doing something wrong when I try to post ? I can’t remember what I wrote or I’d repeat it again . I don’t know if I’m allowed to post my email but here it is in the rare event you want to contact me. Sdakss@aol.com


I think the sad thing for me is that that there seemed to be a bunch of old Nautilus lovers on the old site who wanted to talk about Jones , the old Nautilus users and machines and the glory days of Nautilus. I’m not so sure there’s any interest in Nautilus on this new site? A while back I sort of took over a site devoted to Nautilus for a short period where people who were Nautilus nuts could converge but only a hand full of people came to it. I guess Nautilus is as obsolete as I am.

I’ve been reading T-Nation content for quite awhile, and have always found it to be an interesting source of practical training ideas. HIT approaches are sometimes discussed, but only as one of many training options. Looking at the forums, these seem to be mostly discussions of practical training tips and strategies. I don’t see too many people geeking out on the latest scientific studies, which seemed pretty common at the old site.

I get it. But maybe just a part of getting old? The glory days for Nautilus ended when Jones sold the company in 1986, which is quite a long time ago for many people. After that, it lost it’s mystique, and eventually became just another exercise equipment company. I suppose most younger people are not going to get too excited about vintage machines that are mostly in the hands of a few hard core collectors. It certainly isn’t a bad thing for those people to understand the history of the iron game, and how Jones fit into that history. Dr Darden can provide some of that context.

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Practically no young trainees are even aware of Jones. Older exercisers were around from the beginning and saw the Jones evolutions. However, there is way too much bad information available from millions of iExperts. This information is especially prevalent on 99% of the “threads” on this very hosting site. Bad and faulty information is rampant from DRUG SUPPLEMENTS to RANDOM EXERCISES. In the early days of Jones and pre-internet we had but a handful of sources of information. Medical Texts, Exercise Books and Magazines. Perhaps the internet will fill-up soon and implode and then we can go back to books or the ancient libraries of Alexandria. As an example, Fred Hahn appears to share his expertise only on Instagram; with no under-educated questions diluting his expertise. I would advise Dr. Darden to go to Instagram as he is already being asked questions he has answered millions of times in book or forum. Incredibly he is now exposed to folks who do not have the basic understanding or experience to even ask a proper question many times more than on his older site which was a disaster of mis-information. God Bless him though. :ok_hand: :muscle: