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Welcoming a True Legend!

I’m so psyched that Dr. Darden now has his forum, and I will be dropping in to see the wisdom he shares with us all!

For someone like me who is passionate about both training and history, having of the true legends of the golden era is amazing!

Dr.Darden is one of the most innovative minds in training and has influenced my work quite a bit. The methods and tricks he brings to the table can benefit anybody who wants to listen, regardless of their training beliefs!

Welcome Doc!


Thanks Christian. I’ve followed your materials for many years on T-Nation. Your routines are based on sound, well-organized details and I appreciate your solid advice.

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Awesome, your book was my first training book, only wish I would’ve followed more of ypur training style! Welcome!

This is awesome. I bought the book, The New High Intensity Training, back when it first came out in 2004. I still have the t-shirt that came with the order!

Wow. Why don’t you put the t-shirt on and post a picture of you wearing it?

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Here you go. Pretty worn after 16 years!

I just realized I believe the shirt actually came with The New Bodybuilding for Old-School Results. I had both it and The New HIT.


That was a great-looking t-shirt. Thank you for posting the shot.

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Great to have you here Dr. Darden. I’ve been reading your stuff and essentially everything posted on t nation for the last twenty years. You’ve got incredible advice and have some of the best stories and anecdotes ever.

Thanks H_factor. Francis Bacon said that “Reading makes a learned man, but writing makes an exact man.”

I have an 18-year-old son, Tyler, who I have trained in a HIT manner 500 times. He is 6’ 2" tall and weighs 206 pounds and he is well built and very strong. But I can’t get him to read even the first page in any of my books. However, he certainly knows how to operate and use his iPhone.

I thought Tyler was sort of the opposite of what Francis Bacon was talking about in his quote, especially since he didn’t read books and he didn’t write much.

But in the last year, he surprised me. Tyler is an absorber. He soaks up knowledge. He learns by experiencing. Furthermore, he knows how to train people. And he’s written some great essays for his college entrance material – all without asking me for help.

In the future, I’m going to work more on doing digital-type eBooks, which will be shorter and faster to plow through. Perhaps I’m an absorber too.

Thanks to Tyler for his help.


Sad to see your old Forum go, Dr. Darden…without even getting a notice having been a member on there since the very beginning.

However, good to see you are still active online.


Sorry for the inconvenience, but the old site code was beyond updating and we needed to move. Additionally, it’ll be a lot easier for Dr Darden fans to find him on T Nation and to introduce him to a whole new audience of lifters.


Looking forward to your wisdom. Each of your books advanced our industry and business forward!

I can’t believe there wasn’t any warning or anything, unless I missed it. Does this mean the years of great threads and posts have just gone?

I liked the old site, but I get it. I’m sure it’s a lot more search
friendly, thanks.

Since we created and hosted the old site, we have an archive of all the content. On the other hand, with what Dr Darden has planned to do here, I doubt you’ll miss any of the information.

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I know I would LOVE to have saved a bunch of the old threads on there, wish I’d have known is was going away :frowning: I posted there since the beginning. I’d go there and read back through old threads all the time.

Tim- How can a person access the archive? I would love to save some of those good old posts. The old forum going away is just like when the tear down a land mark building that you grew up with your whole life, super sad it’s gone…

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Ok, fair enough, thank you.

I know what you mean. Let me see what I can do about the archive. In the meantime, get involved and help us in making new awesome content.


Ok cool thanks! Love to save some of that old stuff, sure gonna miss the old forum, but will participate here too

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Will new “awesome content” degrade Dr. Darden as most are not remotely qualified to engage in his level of expertise. As we see the reply to view ration is quite low (which is great by the way) … perhaps it should stay that way so we can learn from Dr. Darden. His previous site ran away from his control as most internet sites eventually do as they dilute the message and facts as presented with “particpants”.