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Jim! Been a fan of 5/3/1 ever since we posted that interview with you back in 2009, the one that's gotten well over 1.2 million page hits. So glad and honored to have you here hosting your own forum.



I am definitely looking forward to stalking this forum! Welcome aboard.

A hui ho.


Wife and I are both fans Jim.

She is currently doing 5/3/1 while I am experimenting with layering. Look forward to your practical no BS insights.


This is super sick! I've used 5/3/1 since the original article, the original book, then the one for powerlifting when I started competing, aaaaand "BEYOND". At this point I don't see myself ever needing another training system and it's exciting to be back in the forums here to share questions and experiences. Welcome Jim and congrats!


Welcome Jim, I am a huge fan.


Hey Jim, I've been using 5/3/1 for side laterals and I got 10 reps on my 531 week should I recalculate? LOL just kidding. This is gonna be sweet!!!!!!




Great to see this added to the forums. Im a huge 531 fan, used the bbb 3month challenge to break into the 400s a year ago and still using it now! Thanks for everything you have done for powerlifting Jim and can I substitute all of my squatting for curls until I get all the sand out of my vagina?? Lol
-Keep Calm and Stay NOV!!!


Lurking for a while. Been training 5/3/1 since March 2013. Love its simplicity.
Thank you Jim!


Just completed second day of third month, Boring but Big legs feel like jello this program is the shit . Go Cards!!!


Your name is one that is mentioned multiple times a day at my gym. Your program and your guidance have been the biggest factor in getting us strong as hell here. Looking forward to frequenting the fuck out of this forum.


I'll definitely be lurking here quite a bit.


Thanks TC - I appreciate it. I'm a bit late to this forum as I had a anasthesia mishap yesterday and am paying the price now. It's a long story but I'm still alive and have more scars to prove I'm hard to kill.


Good to see you here Jim. We do neck in here.



Really cool...