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Hello. This will be my training log for at least the next seven months. Why the next seven months? Because that is the time span allotted to my current short-term goals.

They are:
Bodyweight:93kg(this involves leaning out a bit first)
Squat:180kg x3
Bench Press:140kg x1
Deadlift:220kg x 1
Inclined Bench Press:100kg x8
Overhead Press:75kgx10

My current stats are:
Bodyweight:99kg(down from 102 from four weeks ago, which is when I stopped eating to gain)
Bench Press:125kgx1
Inclined Bench Press:75kgx15(RP set, and a rather old one at that)
Overhead Press:50kgx20(RP set)

I'm 18 years old, 180cm and can't think of any other relative stats. What I'm doing right now is leaning out a bit while so far, still gaining strength. I'm working 10 hours a day in a warehouse(summer job) where I only get one lunch break so I figured I might as well roll with it and lean out a bit. Lost 4kg so far in four weeks while still making some strength gains.

Intend to get below 90kg before September, at which point I'll up the cals a bit and run at least the base Smolov Mesocycle, possibly following up with the Intense one. I've also been challenged to do a PLing meet in November, which I'll be training for.

Now, without further ado, last weeks workouts:
Last Monday:
Deadlift:3x3 with 180kg, full stop between reps
Hang Cleans:70kg 3x3
Leg Press: Sled +160kgx20

Last Tuesday:
Military Press:50kg x20(RP)
Lateral Raises:14kg x24
Face Pulls:33kg x14
DB Incline Press:26kg x11
Pectoral Fly:82kg x6

Last Wednesday:
Lat Pulldowns:87kg x23 (RP)
BB Curls:40kg x20(RP)
BB Row:75kg x15
Reverse Curls: Bar+20kg x14

Last Thursday: This was a crap workout, had no sleep and nothing to eat beforehand.
Only notable things were 175kgx20 in a legpress machine. Also did some front squats, but they were crap. Switching them out for Back squats.

Overhead Squats:60kg x4x2
CGB's: 75kg x22(RP, second time I've done these, started light and gonna up the weight 5kg a week)
DB Overhead Press:25kg x10
Lateral Raises:15kg x22
DB Overhead Extensions: 27.5kgx10

So that's a whole weeks worth of workouts that I'm going to be progressing from and logging it here. Tomorrow is Deadlift day and I can't wait.


Alright, just got done eating some post-workout eggs and it’s now time to log the workout. Today I Deadlifted, Cleaned and Leg-Pressed. Afterwards I had a chat with the owner of the gym. He and his wife are extremely friendly.

Deadlift:190kg for two singles
Hang Clean:75kg x3x3
Leg Press:180kg+sled x25

Doesn’t look like much, but it was draining. That high rep leg press set really got me.


Today I did Shoulders and Chest. Think I might not have been fully recovered from saturday, but I still had a satisfying session.

Military Press:55kg x10+3+2
Face Pulls:37kgx10
Incline Dumbbell Press:28kgx10
Pectoral Fly:82kgx11
Then I did some elevated planks.


Today I did upper back and biceps.

Lat Pulldown:92kg x15
BB Curl:42.5kg x14
BB Row:80kg x15
Reverse Curls:Bar+22.5kg x12

And that was all for today. Squats in the morning.


Squat:160kg x1(*)
Speed Deadlifts:100kg x4x3
Leg Press:200kg+sled x22

Alright. Hadn’t done backsquats in a while so I just worked up to a relatively heavy single. Had Benedikt Magnusson spotting me, which was pretty cool.


Okay, seeing as how the reps on the Close grips were way too high, I decided to jump up 10kg. Lost some reps, but still within my rep range on CGB’s. All in all, nice workout. PR’s on all exercises.

Overhead Squat:65kg x5
Close Grip Bench Press:85kg x15(RP)
DB Shoulder Press:27.5kg x9
Laterals:17.5kg x10, after that form broke down so I’m not counting those reps.
DB Overhead Extensions:30kg x10


Deadlift: 185kg x3 singles.
Clean from the Hang: 80kg x3 + 3 singles at 80kg
Leg Press: 220kg+sled x20
Standing Ab Pulldowns: 85kg x15

I’m really pissed off at my deadlift. It’s stalled out two weeks in a row now, so I’m switching it out. Think I’m gonna go with either snatch grip deadlifts or deadlifts from a deficit. Anyone have suggestions as to which one would be preferred if my sticking point is mid-shin?
The Leg Press set was a real bitch too, but I made all 20 reps.


Shoulder Press: 55kg x11+3+2. Looks like progress of only one rep, but I didn’t use any leg drive this time around in the first set, whereas the last three from last week required some.
Laterals: 17.5kg x12
Face Pulls:40kg x10
Chest work was crap today. My tri’s were fried from doing shoulder work. I also did some log presses, but those were just for fun.


Lat Pulldowns: 97kg x8+3+2
BB Curl: 42.5kg x9+5
BB Row: 100kg x9
Reverse Curls: Bar +25kg x11
Low Row: 57kg x12
Pinwheels: 20kg x30

Squats in the morning. Can’t wait.


Squats were awesome today. I have a feeling that big things are in store there.

140kg x5
145kg x5
150kg x5

And the sets just got easier as I went along. Decided to call it quits there though, was getting tired. Rested up, did some calf work, but one of the calf machines was broken. Which kinda sucked, but whatever. Finished the workout with a leg press widowmaker that made me see stars.

Seated Calf Raises: 85kg x12
Leg Press: 240kg +sled x20


CGB’s: 90kg x9+3+1
Shoulder Presses: 27.5kg x8
Laterals: 17.5kg x12
DB Overhead Extension: 32.5kg x9

So, tri work went well today. Unfortunately, it impacted my shoulder work, which as you can see went awful. I regressed on the Shoulder Presses by a rep and no progress on the laterals. :confused:

We’ll see how Militaries go next time around, hopefully they go well. I really need some stronger shoulders. I’ve also decided to move leg day to the weekend and deadlift day to the middle of the week, so it’s squats tomorrow along with a leg press widowmaker.


Squat:155kg x3 and then again x4.
Leg Press: 260kg+sled x18

There was a camera crew in my gym today, shooting some footage for “Dhani Tackles the globe”, a travel channel TV show. They wanted to film me doing squats, so that was why I threw in the second set, which was actually better than the first. Was pretty cool.


Woke up today, feeling like shit. Went to the gym, had a very good workout and then I went back to feeling like shit. Strange.

Lat Pulldowns: 97kg10+3+3
BB Curls: 42.5kg
BB Rows:100kg12
Reverse Curls: Bar+25kg
9 (at this point my forearms gave up, had some bone issue thing going on)
Low Row:61kg15


Military Press:57.5kg 8+4+2
DB Incline Press:30kg
Dips: 8
Face Pulls:40kg10
Pec Dec:89kg

Entered Ketosis today.


Power Cleans:85kg for four singles
Snatch Grip Deadlifts:120kg8
Standing ab pulldowns(different gym) 49kg
Leg Raises:12


Alright, down to 97kg this morning. Hit triceps and shoulders today.

CGB’s: 90kg10+3+3 (upping the weight come next Saturday)
DB shoulder presses:27.5kg
9 These are officially stalled, gonna switch to BTN Smith presses
Overhead DB tri extension:35kg

Tricep work went well, again, but shoulders seem to resist progress. Of course it doesn’t help to eat only 2400kcal a day, but hey, that’s cutting in a nutshell I guess. Have my first carb up tonight, going to eat an entire 16 inch pizza. Can’t wait. Then it’s squats tomorrow, hoping for 155kg*6.


Leg Press:280kg
8, 260kg10
Standing Ab Pulldowns:55kg
Hanging Leg Raises:12, 15,15
Pulldown Ladders:3

Squats went well, which I’m pleased with but I tried to up the weight on leg press again despite not getting all 20 reps last time. Not a very good idea. Only got eight reps. So I took off a plate and did 10 more. Meh, I’ll stick with 260kg next week again I guess.
Tried getting the bar a bit lower on my back with the squats. Felt very good, felt solid.


Forgot to log yesterday’s workout here, it was:
Lat pulldowns:101kg7+3+3
BB curls:42,5kg
BB Rows:105kg9
Reverse Curls: Stalled out
Low Row:67kg

Today: Cleans: lots of 80kg’s
Snatch Grips: worked up to 160kg
DB Row:50kg*6


Military Press, strict with pause at bottom:57.5kg4+5+3
DB Incline Press:32kg
Seated Laterals:10kg15
Face Pulls:42kg


Close Grips:95kg7+3+2
Lateral Raises:17.5kg
15+10kg*8(drop set)
And then some DB overhead extensions I didn’t PR on.
I also did 30 chin ups, through multiple sets.