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Are baggy pants a threat to our civil society?

I don’t know what’s more funny–the fact that someone thinks this might be enforceable or the fact that this “trend” has been around for nearly 20 years and someone is just now finding it offensive.

My main problem with this proposed law is that it clearly attempts to target young, black men. My second point of contention is why this trend and why now? Surely there have been more lascivious trends that we could have smothered and attempted to put down–the thong bikini for example?

When will people begin to understand that our government cannot function as our governess? Does our government have the power to keep people from being offended? I extend this idea to all victimless behaviors.

I can honestly say to the politicols. “Stay the F*&k out of my life” If you, don’t like what I am wearing don’t look at me, PERIOD.

I have big thighs, I wear baggy pants. As probably most of us here on T-Nation. I wear pants w/ holes in them, I wear shirts w/ holes in them (i need a new dryer). The point is it may look disgusting, and you may think it is not cool, but so!

Side note: the look comes from the prisons and clothes that are given to the inmates. Pants don’t always fit the way they are intended. Also, a person in prison showing that much ass is advertising.

Baggy pants are not the down fall of the American society. It is the politicans belief in Theocratic/Autocratic society. Not to highjack. To me, all politicains are the biggest difinition of individual living on public assitance.