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Welcome to the (Bodybuilding) Training Forum?


I just notice the title of this forum changed. (along with Strengh Sports getting split up and some other changes).

Anyone else think we now need a forum for bodybuilding-specific issues, like contest prep? Along with perhaps the "general fitness" forum that would be the bane of everyone's existence?

edit: changed title to reflect subforum name change from "Training" to "Bodybuilding Training"


no. That would be too many things to sift through. I like getting tidbits of knowledge when I read threads like Stu's. I probably wouldn't have read such things if they were categorized in a different forum because I have no plans of stepping on stage for at least 2 more years.


Of all the changes they could have possibly made to make this site more comfortable, we needed a "general fitness" forum, so that the BODYBUILDING section of this website would finally be free of that mess.

But instead we get the opposite.

I very much liked having one bodybuilding subforum where you could talk about bodybuilding training, bodybuilding news and events, and bodybuilding nutrition all in the same place. That is why I made the BodyBuilding sticky! But now it doesn't make a whole hell of a lot of sense does it?

Considering it doesn't only concern "training", and all of the aspects of bodybuilding are now split up all over the place without any real mention of bodybuilding as an important independent entity on this website anymore.


Agreed. This site has lost me on that one.

Bring back a BODYBUILDING forum.


It seems strange -- given that a few weeks ago there was the announcement that now the site is going back more to bodybuilding -- that the Bodybuilding forum should now disappear.


Yet they keep powerlifting, strongman, and olympic lifting as individual entities.

That makes no fucking sense.


Perhaps the new program is going to be renamed "I, Trainer."


Because the majority of people posting in those forums actually compete in those sports.

The bodybuilding forum is populated more by people who train for bodybuilding.

I don't see what the big deal is, there are enough "general" subforums now that the combat pyramid people should all but disappear.

I gather your problem with the change is based purely on the semantics?


You don't get why a forum named merely "Training" would not necessarily be mostly populated by those training for bb'ing?

Why wouldn't it just as likely be full of Bosu ball, Ab Master crap?

Maybe even Thighmaster.


We need a proper search function.


It's a bodybuilding category, and a training sub forum to that category. The posts are categorized as "bodybuilding training", so I think that the goal was to make it training oriented, and actually get people to use the nutrition and other forums instead of putting it all in the bodybuilding forum


I was scratching my head for a few minutes wondering where the BB'ing forum went to LOL


Interesting. I just assumed 'Training' as the 'Bodybuilding' forum and 'Conditioning' as the often requested 'fitness' ("I wanna see my abz") forum.

The breakouts make sense to me, but I certainly see the points made about the unfortunate choice of names.


Honestly though, how many bosu ball, ab master, and thigh master people show up on this site?

I see what you are saying, and it seems it would be better to call it the "bodybuilding training" forum, but seeing as how the majority of people on this site are only interested in 1/2 of bodybuilding (the mass building part-not the diet or contest prep aspect), I can see why they elected to call this the "training" forum.


What's the deal with a 'Conditioning' forum, and why have this but nothing dedicated exclusively for bodybuilding?

edit: actually, the Conditioning forum has potential for some interesting reads (it's a subject that's been on my mind since adding quite a bit of body weight)... but it just seems a little odd to have such a specific breakdown of sub-forums without dedicating one for 'Bodybuilding'.

I would think combining the Training and Conditioning forums would give the 'general fitness' crowd a decent place to hang (and give a clear spot for them to post in), and creating a bodybuilding forum would appease the rest of us.


Yeah its weird that everything else is so specific while "training" is the most generic name you could posibly choose. I mean everyone "trains". Boxers train. runners train. bodybuiilders train. ultimate frisbe players train. Instead of adding a general fitness forum they turned the bodybuilding forum into the general fitness forum. Seems pretty deliberate to me and not sure how to take it.


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What we do get are a thousand "I don't want to get too big" people, and they are going to come in and use the scroll-down subforums that pop up (since nobody actually clicks on "T-Nation forums" to navigate where they want to go, it is just an extra step for no reason) and ask ANY "training" related question in what used to be the Bodybuilding subforum - where we had a huge problem with people already not respecting the category.


This is what I was thinking


I don't get this at all. The vets ask for this site to return back to it's bodybuilding roots, the powers that be appear to agree, and then all the sudden they completely shaft us by removing the bodybuilding forum?

What the fuck.