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Welcome to Hell


I had a buddy who tried out as a lead guitarist for a death metal band about 10 years ago.

His first song was: Breakfast In Hell!

Why did Hellboy have his horns cut off?

cos stalin couldn’t stop playing w/ them when he visited hellboy

Hellboy shaves his horns down to “blend in” I think he uses like a sander or a grinder.
Towards the end of the movie he grows them out to look like a Tim Curry like Devil in Legend.

Here is a pic of him falling through the air -you wont see the wires in the film.

cont shot

Here is a link to the behind preview enjoyTrip with Hellboy

i’m totally missing something here. Canuks are weird.


Could it be true? Are there really exceptionally attractive, in shape, sports minded, comic book junkiettes out there? What, are they all in the great white North? Or is it just a movie thing in general.

First one I saw you post was about Spiderman, then Daredevil, now an indi comic like Hellboy. You must have loved “The League”. Don’t mind me…just the closet comic book goob in me and 5 1/2 years of working at a comic store in college.

Oh cruel world, why did my folks move me so far away from the great white North?


After seeing the trailer and behind the scenes thing E~ posted, I’m beginning to get excited about this film.

It looks really cool…


I doubt this will make $10.00.

Care to wager Il Cazzo?

Set the line Brad. Obviously, 10$ was sarcasm…but whats the number you think it will hit? Also, what are the stakes? A bottle of something from the store, perhaps?

so if i see it and brad and e~, that’s like a whole $18…we win!!

How’s about 70 million on opening weekend…

If the movie clears that number, I want some Red Kat.

If it doesn’t I’ll get you the bottle or tub of our choice.


Sounds good. 70 mil the opening weekend, Friday-Sunday, is that how they do it? Red Kat is fine, me thinks I’ll take a bottle myself. :O)


You’re going down my friend…


Shit, Brad you’re gonna lose bad.I bet it won’t even take in 70 million total.I’ve never even heard of Hellboy before I saw these previews.Enjoy the Red Kat Cazzo.

Easy folks… backstory to this is I work at a toy company and the freaks & geeks (ahem, esteemed co-workers of mine) here say that the cult following will get this show over. The character has been around for a while gaining steam… The fans will come out of the woodwork if the PR/promo is done right.

Just saw a preview and wtf… but hey…

Now, on a totally unrelated note and I’m sure a lot of T-Mag dudes will agree:

more inspirational pix of E & her West Coast pals… :slight_smile:

WTF is hellboy & why would anyone care?