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Welcome to Bonerville

So week #2 of my TRT adventure is almost in the books (started at 247).

Being the once-horned dog, I’ve been paying close attention to my libido (or lack thereof). Here’s the update:

  1. I’m staring more at chicks.
  2. My HCG (333 IUs 3x a week) seem to really kick start my boys. Also doing Cyp (100mg x 2 week) and Anastrozole (1mg x 2 week).

I’ve yet to get “morning wood”, but I’ve gotten some really impressive late-night wood. Wake me up with a pecker so firm, even a cat couldn’t scratch it. Hell, throw in a blue pill, and I’d be a shoe-in for a four-hour guy.

Now, maybe a 3am boner ain’t the same thing as a 7am woody (perhaps my balls on a different time zone), but progress is being made.

Also, my once shriveled up man jewels have plumped up… No more missing in action!

Yet another thread.