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Hello all,

I believe this is my first post on T-Nation, (definitely my first log.) I have decided to keep a log of my training and progress or lack there of on this sight. I am doing this because I am always reading here, and I feel this will keep me accountable for my actions.

Some Background
Name Mike
Age 32
Weight 285-290
Height 6'2
Occupation Owner and Operator of my own strength and conditioning business

I know I am not 35 yet, but I feel with my goals and current training style it falls more in line with this forum. (If it needs to be moved that is fine with me.) Currently I have fallen horrificly out of shape, due to the rigors of starting my own business. (Excuses I know, but it is very easy to loose sight of your health and condition when you are focusing on other things.) That is all going to change now. I am keeping this log and getting back in shape for multiple reasons,
A) I'm not getting any younger.
B) I hate feeling this way>
C) I need to be a better example to my clients and athletes.

Why should they do what I say if I can not do it myself? Granted, my division 1 and Pro athletes should surpass me by now, but there is no reason in the world my high school kids should be able to look at me and not be proud of the fact that I can still back up what I say. That being said lets begin with today's workout

12/1 Shoulders and arms

A1) Barbell overhead press 3x3
A2) Barbell overhead shrug (Snatch grip) 3x5-8

B1) Dips 3x6
B2) Barbell curls 3x6

C) Complex 6 exercises 5 reps 2 sets

Today's workout wasn't difficult till I reached the complex portion. I hate Lactic acid work when I'm in shape, let alone now lol. Everything went well felt strong and pretty easy, I will be ramping things up a bit as the workouts roll along. Thanks to all for reading.


It's quite a good group of people here...


Today was an easy day, just did 20 minutes on the eliptical machine. Tomorrow I think I will attempt some type of lactic acid energy system work, with some mobility drills thrown in to warm-up. I definitely need to tighten up my diet some more as well, I am consuming to many protein bars, but they are fitting in well right now. Thanks to all for reading.




Welcome, it's a real motivating crowd here!



"lactic acid energy system work, with some mobility drills thrown in to warm-up" Whenever I read things like that I think people are angry at themselves. Good luck with it, and congrats on making a commitment to get back in shape, I am considering doing that as well (however round is a shape too, so I'm already there I guess).


Thanks for all the welcomes. I really like T-Nation, I've been on the sight for years, just never really posted much. Anyway got to my lactate workout today. Workout went as follows,

Dynamic warm-up followed by

Prowler sprints 20 yards down and back
rest 60 sec
10 blast strap push-ups
rest 60 seconds
Rest 60
3 chin-ups
Rest 0 sec
Non tri pod abs 20 reps

Lather, rinse, repeat 2 times.

Felt good afterward, this really helped to clear all the soreness out of my muscles today. So far so good, lets see if I can maintain my progress. Oh, weighed in at 285.5 this morning.


Easy day today, no training. Instead I left work early to watch one of my athletes play hockey. He is a 3 year starter on a team that was ranked #2 in the country last year, and he is only a junior. He is a good kid with a great family, and seeing kids like him play now are the real payoff my job has.


20 minutes of cardio again today. I Had to bring some baseball players out to the track to test their 60 yard sprint. I then needed to attend a speaking engagement at which I made a presentation about the importance of strength and conditioning for baseball players. Today was a very good day, my athletes hit some fantastic numbers out on the track and for once people actually seemed receptive to the idea of shutting down and working on their weaknesses.



20 minutes cardio with 10 minutes of interval sprints thrown in

A1) Bench press 8x3 225x3 225x3 250x3 250x3 275x3 275x3 285x3 285x3
A2) Chins 8x3 all bw

B1) Incline pec flye 3x6-8 30x8 35x8 35x8
B2) Low Cable row 3x6-8 150x8 190x8 190x8



A1) Squats 8x3 250x3 250x3 275x3 275x3 300x3 300x3 275x3 275x3
A2) GHR W/ rear elevated 8x3 all body weight

B1) Cable Split Squat 3x6-8 25 each side 8 reps each set
B2) Ball Push-outs 3x8-10

20 mins steady state cardio




A1) Squat 8x3 250x3 250x3 275x3 275x3 300x3 300x3 275x3 275x3
A2) GHR w/ rear end elevated 8x3 body weight

B1) Cable Split Squat 3x6-8 25lbs a side
B2) Ball push outs 3x8-10


20 Mins steady state cardio



Eccentric free recovery circut

reverse Prowler pulls 20 yards
Leaning over forward pulls 20 yards
Prowler lat pull 20 yards
Prowler Bicep curl 20 yards

Did this circut three times. Felt really good afterward, looking forward to my next workout. Shoulders and arms tomorrow!


12/9/10 Shoulders and Arms

A1) Seated rack press 4x3-5 185x3 185x3 200x3 200x3 (Really easy)
A2) Cobras 4x6-8 35'sx6x4

B1) Dips 3x6-8 bwx6 45x6 70x6 (Again really easy)
B2) Hammer curls 40'sx6 55'sx6 x2

C) Rope handle cable external rotation 3x6-8 pin 3x8

AS you can see, i keep my volume lower on this day due to the fact that these muscles are being challenged on the chest and back day as well. I have a huge endorphin release right now, and i feel really good. Gonna try to maybe hit some cardio tomorrow.


25 minutes of cardio. 15 mins steady state 10 mins interval


How cool that you own a strength and conditioning business. Where are you located? Do you train powerlifters?

Kudos to you on getting back into shape!


Haven't stopped in here before. Welcome. First thing I noticed is you can do some chinups and blast strap push ups at a 285 bw. Pretty good. Suspect at one time you were in pretty good shape.


Thank you. My business is located in Northern New Jersey. I have worked with some powerlifters in the past, but the bulk of my business is more scholastic style
sports. I primarily work with baseball players now, but lately I've been working with some more unconventional sports, such as gymnastics.


Thanks for the welcome! I was ok at one point, now we have to try and get back there!


No training today, was just feeling wiped out from the week. also had to be in the gym @ 730 to work with one of my older guys. I'm going to hit some interval cardio tomorrow, and possibly some weights later in the day, but we will see.