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Welcome to a NEW ERA of Supplementation.


I'm here to present you the single most underrated supplement in the history of supplementation. But first, here is my experience with it:

I tried a this NEW supplement once and thought it was overrated cause it didn't make me grow. I then realized I didn't take enough of it and upped my intake to INSANE amounts. Then it worked WONDERS. I would actually recommend it to everyone who want to get BIG. When you try it if sure you will like, me devote a LARGE part of your budget to this new product. Yes, it's that GREAT.

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to a NEW ERA of supplementation. This is the most ANABOLIC and ANTI-CATABOLIC supplement ever created. It's actually so POWERFUL, that most supplement company don't want you to know about it or they would go bankrupt! When you start taking it seriously, the plates are gonna stacks like HOT LESBIAN CHICKS on the dance floor, your muscles fibers are gonna be MAKING BABIES and your body is gonna explode in a rainbow of AMAZINGNESS!!1!

This supplement is so POTENT yet so elusive that it's like the SECRET AGENT of supplement. And you know what? I'm not even making a single buck by telling you all this. Why am I doing this you ask? Because I care. That's right. I want you to know the truth. And now people, I shall reveal it to you.
Are you ready to be ENLIGHTENED?

My friends, I hereby present you the BEST supplement known to man, the one thing that will make weak people STRONG and strong people STRONGER: food.lots of it... and yet, you will ask: Nyral, it's not working and I ain't pissing rainbows yet what can I do should I buy NO explode or NO shotgun? There's only one correct answer to that question: a lot more of it. But Nyral, I'm eating like ALL the fucking time what can I do. Well my friend I think by now you should know the answer...yup, you guessed right.




But it's funnay :frowning:


Wow. I gotta try this.

Where can I get it? Does Biotest sell it?

At what dosage does it become toxic? I want to make sure I stay below that threshold.

What's the most cost-effective dose? I'm kind of on a budget, and I want to make sure my supply lasts, but I also want to get something out of it.

Do I need to cycle my use?

Will it hurt my kidneys or shrink my testicles? I've heard that a lot of performance-enhancing supps do.


You're consuming semen?


hahahahaha...only on the beginners forum can you see this shit!


I really like your avatar.


lmao food


nyral, i find my self looking for your posts only so i can watch your avitar.

I luv the pink undies



This thread was first posted in the beginner forum as a inside joke for all the newbies asking stupid supplement questions when they weight 140 after having being forced fed 5 McGangbang and 3 Big Gulp...


omgzzz this "article" came just at the right time....I was about to order my $3000 worth of suppzz...good thing I waited a day....thaxzzzz guyzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


If I track down, kill, and eat one of those guys, can I have their metabolism? Fuck, man...