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Welcome Paul Carter


Great to see you here brother. But for the record I’m still the sexiest.


I don’t think our waitress in Montreal felt that way. But I will allow this the one time.


Dude, I was built like a marathon runner from my health issues. And I must admit that you have game. I mention it in all my seminars: you are genuinely the best human being I know. If it were photodating I’d have a shot, but if you are allowed to talk I might as well retire


HAHAHAHA!!! Always love your compliments, my brother. And I feel the same about you.


Ok, I’ll stop now. I don’t want to artificially boost your forum posts up so that you can brag about it.


Nooooooo. Feel free to chime in here LOTS. :slight_smile:


I’ll let you get started. But when I see that you struggle I’ll come to your rescue


Kinda like I did for you in Montreal. I always appreciate you taking one for the team.


We’ll see in California in our seminar. People have no idea what will hit them. You know how it is, we will always try to one-up the other.


Hate to interrupt the conversation, but just wanted to congratulate Paul. Good to see you pitching in here.


Wait where is this seminar happening?


So the truth comes out!! Paul “lady’s man” Carter hey??!


At Chris Duffin’s gym in Cali