Welcome me back!

I’d just like to say “GREETINGS” and I really missed you guys! A couple of injuries and a bout of depression rocked me for about the last year, but I’m back to training, eating, and generally feeling decent (I LOOK like shit, though, LOL). I just wanted to warn everybody that I’ll be here full-time to take potshots at a few of the old-timers (anyone seen Nate Dogg recently?), and generally have a little fun.

Check the new photo forum to see the dogg in the flesh.

Nice to have a T-friend back. You can see Nate and his shiny nipples on the photo forum as was already pointed out. Thing is, they seem to follow you wherever you go. Back damn nips!

MBE: “Eating expired, unlabeled medicine since 1893.”


Uhh… howdy!