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Welcome Back to School Mofos!




where was that, Miami?

i dont think that many people have been in the bar i work in all year.



If I see a bar with even three people waiting outside, I say fuck it.

Not worth the time or effort. I can get drunk at any bar.


You see shit like that sometimes in Houston...but not often. I wouldn't wait outside a club like that for that long unless the women were already naked, vaccinated and tested for viruses.


So you got time to make videos of lines out side of clubs but you don't have the time to make videos of you setting off the lunk alarm in an Alabama Planet Fitness LIKE YOU PROMISED?



nah, that's the place i work at in alabama

lol, it says 'roll tide' right there on the marquee you schmuck


Austin gets like that. Being that I now consider myself a local, I just go to the townie bars.


Funny thing is, not only do you have to wait in-line to get in, but once your in trying to get drinks/drunk is another long line






If you listen closely, you can hear holy mac whimper as the camera zooms by someone wearing a planet fitness t shirt.

edit: Hahaha. That just made me think of a something i read online. A kid asks some internet forum if masturbation is dangerous.
Some wise ass answers its dangerous and how his friend jacked off once and then his dick died. He then goes on to say that on some nights if you listen closely you can hear his boner scream. That post was hilarious. If anyone knows what i'm talking about and knows where to locate it, please pm the link. I need to read that again.