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Weirdest things that happen while you're at the cinema


A few years ago I went to see a showing of Goldfinger in an arthouse cinema in Glasgow. The Glasgow Film Theatre.

When Sean Connery takes off the wetsuit to reveal his tux. A guy shot out his seat, started clapping really slowly and shouting 'OH YES'. I nearly pissed my pants.

To be fair it's an iconic scene though.

Have also seen fights break out and people pissing in the back row. You wonder why you go sometimes.


My friend, who is exactly the type, claims to have had sex in a half full theatre. The girl was wearing a skirt and rode him reverse cowboy so they could both continue to enjoy the movie.


When watching The Two Towers, the orcs are crossing the lake and they are trying to sneak it. At one point one of my friends sneezed very loudly and this Orc leader turns and says "Silence!".

Oh my the laughter.


I was watching the disaster movie "Deep Impact" in a Toronto theater the week it was released.

Morgan Freeman (the President) made an announcement about the asteroids...one would fall into the ocean, and one would hit British Columbia, Canada.

After he mentioned the BC one, I simply said "FUCK!" - in a voice much louder than I thought - and the whole theater erupted in laughter. I didn't think it was that funny, but everyone else seemed to.


A girl I used to date did an exchange program in Glasgow, Scotland, and watched "Brokeback Mountain" the day it hit the theaters.

She said every scene of gayiety (ie: 80% of the movie) was met with loud groans and protests. About halfway through the movie, people started throwing stuff at the screen, and by the end, a good percentage of the audience had left.


When watching "300", it was the scene where Leonidas stands bare ass by his bedroom window. My date goes "mmHMMmm" a little too loudly. Everyone starts laughing and my date turns beat red. heh heh


Back in the days when I used to drink, my best friend and I and each of our respective women went to see 300 at the Imax. We got plastered in the parking lot off of an 8 pack of Molson Cold Shots each (6% beer in a classic Red Bull sized can), and then went back to the liquor store and bought another case to share whilst in the theatre. We got there late and ended up having to sit in the very front row, which is never enjoyable when seeing a film on the big "big screen". Basically every time a battle kicked up and arrows or spears were being shot/thrown we'd huck whatever empties we had accrued at that point at the screen. Amazingly enough, we did not get kicked out...Later that night we beat the piss out of each other after playing Mortal Kombat


Some dude grabbed my popcorn and started eating it. Was just a mistake and wound up being weirder for him.


Thats was pretty stupid considering it was a film about two men falling in love. WTF were they expecting?


i remember when i had my first beer...


Strange. I was expecting a story involving a blowjob.

Did the guy give you a blowjob in compensation for the pop corn?


A bunch of my friends and myself went to see 'Enemy at the Gates', with Jude Law, and Rachel Weisz. During the sex scene where Jude mounts her in the barracks this guy in the theatre shouted "Stick it in her ass!!".
Lolz were a plenty.


That's so funny the last time I heard that I fell of my dinosaur...