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Weirdest Camera EVER

Found a reference to this on a tech site I visit frequently. Too weird. Be sure to check out the pictures this thing takes.


Interesting, but I think the wierdness of the pictures he took with it are more the result of the techniques he used in the development stage, not of the camera itself.

Thats just a pinhole camera. You can make one yourself out of a box of kleenex. Or any box that can be lightproofed. You still get that eerie look. It’s quite neat if you ever get the chance.

definitely odd packaging for a pin-hole camera. and depending on the developer you can create that antique hue (which I can’t remember the name for).

weird though.

[quote]jbumgarner wrote:
Found a reference to this on a tech site I visit frequently.[/quote]

That website wouldn’t happen to be Make: (www.makezine.com), would it? Great DIY site. That’s where I saw this camera.

Saw it on switched.com

that and it’s sister site engadget.com are ones I try to visit daily.