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I am about 3 weeks post competition and haven’t lifted a weight, have taken no supplements, and have been eating chips and ice cream all the time. I was looking in the mirror last night and would probably look better if I competed today than 3 weeks ago. My abs are so much better right now and I am about 8 pounds heavier. It’s just weird!!

I think this is because you may be eating less total calories so you lost weight. I had lasik earlier, so for the 4 weeks I didn’t do any weight training (or any kind of training) and I was losing weight at this time. so I was like ok I’m going to go nuts this final week before training and eat nothing but cookies, candy and pizza to get it out of my system. And I did… and guess what? I still lost weight. Thru that 4 week period I’d estimate I lost about 5 to 10 pounds (but my strengh also went to crap, and I looked much more flat in the gym too). Then when I started working out my appetite jumped up, I started eating more frequently and my body adjusted by being hungry every 2.5 hours. And while I didn’t get fat really quickly slowly but surely its cropping up in my mid section.