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Weird Workout Is Kicking Ass

So a few weeks ago I asked about this workout on T-Nation that has me doing about 30 sets a muscle, each muscle, workin out 6 days a week. I thought i would overtrain but I’m 18 and everyone on here said I’d be fine, so i’m doing it and I’m growing a lot.

I’ve already gained a half inch on my arms in under a month and i’m getting more cut ( that has a lot to do with my diet but all i’m really doing is eating a lot of protein and not worrying about calories or anything right now).

So my question is, why haven’t I heard of routines that have 30 sets a workout or more? I’ve rarely seen any working more than 15 sets a muscle group. So I really wish i would have started doing this a few years ago…

And my other little off subject question is that I know that doing legs really hard releases some testosterone in my body, So if I want to take advantage of that for say my abs or my calves, would I do my abs or calves the same day that I do my legs really hard or would I do it the day after? Just wondering because I’ve heard both

Every works for a while, nothing works for ever.

There is a time and place for every workout style.

Make sure to monitor yourself for signs of overtraining, but take full advantage of the gains this program is giving you.

I have generally heard that an intense leg workout the day after another body part puts the body in a beneficial anabolic environment while the muscle that were worked the previous day are still recovering and growing. I wouldn’t mind someone else who may know more about this to chime in.

ya i agree, but if i heard of this routine a year ago i wouldn’t have done it and would have thought i was overtraining for sure without ever even trying it. but ya i heard that same thing, more input, im very curious

link or post the routine?

Pro bodybuilders have been doing high volume routines for years so programs like that have been out there, posting the exact routine would allow us to see a little more about this exact one.

One thing to keep in mind is that if you are doing this high volume weekly routine you may want to think about adding in a deconditiong/deloading phase after doing that for a while.

After you post the exact workout we would know, but I’d be interested to see if the 30 sets per muscle is in one workout or split over 2 workouts per week. Bringing up the issue of the affect of muscle training frequency.

My workout is pretty crazy for the legs…

2x15 Front Squats (Warmup Kinda)
5x5 Back Squats(Superset with leg curls)
3x4 Box Squat
3x5 Lunges
4x20 Leg Press
DC Style Standing Calves


I’m lazy and I’ll tell u what I just did just barely at the gym (chest day)
6 Sets Incline Bench Dumbbells
4 Sets Incline Barbell
6 Sets Flat Bench Barbell
Superset Incline & Decline 6 sets each on machine
4 sets wide chest machine
4 sets wide chest (ropes)
and tomorrow…
6 sets barbell curls
4 sets dumbbell curls
6 sets Preacher Curls
4 sets Cross Body Curl
6 sets wide curls laying on incline bench (wide cause my arms aren’t against my body, it hits me differently)
6 sets weighted Dips
6 sets skull crushers
6 sets pushdowns
4 sets rope pushdowns (and turn wrists out)
4 sets(arm over body straight up and come down to chest while laying down, never heard of workout just seen it done)
That can roughly change but not much

Ya, train abs and calves BEFORE the leg workout IMO… They get the work while you are fresh… plus after legs, you either skip abs and calves or they get a half workout… and this way, when you do some big closed kinetic chain (no-one say anything…!!) exercises, where the body is moving through space, you will provoke a hormonal response that the abs and calves will be able to make use of in their recovery.

I dont know about the next day, i havent heard of that but basically, do squats, deads, chins - heavy, big, body-moving exercises - they create the hormonal influx and i am sure all trained bodyparts will benefit from it.

I personally believe in having at least 3 squatting and/or DL moves a week. At least. And i always have a pull up variety as part of my lat routine. Always.

As for the program, looks ok… 26 sets for triceps is a bit overkill even for high, high and higher volume, but… if it works dont try to fix it!

Just be aware of overtraining symptoms and be aware of results halting, both WILL surface at one time or another.

Then it would be a great idea to do to a high intensity low volume workout, with high frequency of bodyparts trained a week… like a 3-4x p/w full body with 2-5 sets per BP and do a drop set/burns of 50% the weights you use on ALL the last sets of the exercises, OR just do 1-2 sets for a muscle group (say biceps) and do strip sets or something.


Ya i know thats a ton for tri’s, it sounds wrong to me but i’m growing and i’m sore every time so thats why i ask ya know. but k so abs and calves before my legs? and i always do chins, i got hit by a truck a few months back (not a car accident i got hit) so my backs been pretty messed up for a while so when i do deads it kind of aggravates it and it kind of hurts so i do like 80 pound deads, which is almost pointless, so i’m layin off the deads for a month or 2 longer until it heals all the way up and i can start hittin those again. but i always do heavy squats and chins. thanks joe