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Weird Weight Loss Issue


I have been on a strict weight loss diet for 6 weeks now and have noticed a strange pattern to my weight loss. On the weeks where I am able to get to the gym 3 days, I lose absolutley no weight. However, on the weeks where I am not able to make the gym, I lose the expected two pounds.

It's a little frustrating to constantly be on that hunger threshold and not always get the results I expect.

I track everything I eat in Fitday, and actually have become a little obsessive about it because of the mixed results. The only difference in my diet, is on training days I take Surge(two scoop serving). Carb/Fat/Protein intake is consistent from week to week.


Are you on a low carb diet?


It doesn't really matter man, as long as you keep losing weight you shouldn't worry. Don't grow too obsessive about it, stress is bad for your body. Actually you should schedule a cheat meal every 7 days, eating some junk on top of your normal meals. That's gonna ease the pain and help your fat loss because constant calorie restriction will lead to stagnation.

Junking out every once in a while keeps your metabolism revved up and your fat loss constant.
good luck


Probably a fluctuation in fluid levels, when you train your body is naturally likely to retain more water to aid in the repair recovery process (especially a day or so after) your aldosterone functions on a 72 hour loop. All things equal (time, clothes, meals) I would guess it were a hydration issue.


or he is gaining muscle gains proportionate to his fat loss when actually going to the gym versus losing muscle and fat by eating less and not lifting heavy to retain the muscle already there.

water proly has something to do with it too, but seriously, measure yourself dont weigh yourself.


My fat-loss progress was hampered for a very long time because I could not measure my fat loss independant of my weight loss.

Then I started measuring my circumference about my belly-button level. Lost inches equate to lost fat. I've found that this helps me track my progress best.

BF% calipers work too I've heard, but I'm too clumsy to be able to use them accurately.


Nope, Im still eating carbs for now, I am one of those people that feels like crap if I eliminate all of my carbs.

The only reason I am being so picky now, is because we are in the middle of a weight loss competition at work.

Thanks for the insight. I had figured it was probably water weight, but was just wondering if others had experienced similar circumstances.


By "one of those people" you mean "everyone" yeah?

Some of us adapt, and some faster than others, but I don't know anyone who takes to it happily, at least the first time. I was about to swallow my toothpaste one night because it tasted like it might have carbs in it and it was in my mouth!

That competition sounds crazy, is the prize worth much? Is it like Biggest Loser or Christian Bale's pay cheque for "The Machinist"? Otherwise I would, personally, give it a miss. Been there, done that, learned something.


That's what I was thinking too, just from my personal experience - i've noticed my water retention is a LOT higher after lifting.


Yeah, no kidding. I wasn't so much hungry all the time as just felt like shit constantly. And I wasn't even going super low carb - just like 100g a day. Thank god i'm bulking now.


Someone, anyone, please...

Explain to Ratchet that you don't build noticeable amounts of muscle with any single workout.


you also don't lose a noticeable amount of weight every week. He is new to lifting and can likely gain muscle and loss fat at the same time right now. If he is making any gains in strength, while losing fat his weight wont change but the inches will

Hence the reason I stressed measuring and not weighing.

Also, if your not gaining muscle by working out, why are you going??