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Weird to Find Laura Phelps Attractive?

Serious, but is it weird I find her seriously attractive? Not sure if anyone else feels the same with her.

It’s weirder imo to come on a forum and ask if it’s weird to have a feeling you have zero control over about another person.


She’s cute. Don’t like that jawline though. Other than that she is cute.

IIRC, she does not have a deep voice, which is also good. I have done a PL meet with a girl named Janice Finkleman (I think she pulls around 500 @ 132), she had the jaw like Laura, and also a similar body shape, but a deep voice.

Now that I’ve been working out at a PL / Strongman gym, I have noticed I have more attraction to the thick woman look. Not a chubby chaser, but thick thighs save lives.

Pretty much everything you do is weird dude.


First thing that comes into my mind with those type of girls: Clitoral Hypertrophy


Took the words right off my keyboard

Not my thing, but you know, whatever floats your boat…

I think she’s hot. I’m seriously into CrossFit type chicks. I know she’s a bit above the typical CrossFit chick though. But I’m with that guy :point_up:t2: Wonder how big the clit is :joy:.

It’s not weird…if…y’know…you like dudes.

Otherwise, yeah, it’s weird.

Have you considered that you’re really attracted to all the steroids she’s taking?
Do you think she takes a lot?
Do you think she takes them before meets?
Before TESTED meets?


Damnit. Does this mean I like dudes?

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This entire thread belongs in the “Things That Make You Chuckle” thread.


No, but it means you like that dude.

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Most dudes don’t look like that. I think it means you like grapefruit.


He might just like young Tom Hanks.

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I would say 7 inches . But she tucks it.


Is that some sort of innuendo?

Once it’s over 3-4 inches I don’t think it really qualifies as a clit anymore.


Kai Greene did a gay for pay shoot with a grapefruit

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