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Weird Tightness in Part of Quadriceps

I have had ongoing issues with my legs. No major surgeries. Just a repair to a partial tear in left quadriceps. I have had a recommendation for osteotomy, but no one has made a good enough case for how it will address my symptoms which. I have tendinopathy in my quad tendons. My legs feel very out of alignment but doctors generally say my alignment is fine, except for the few who have said an osteotomy may/is a solution. My quads feel like they don’t work, like the part closest to the patella is turned off.

But this post is to point out a weird tightness I noticed. See pictures. This is my left leg with me in a deep lunge position. The “dent” circled is not between my quad and patella, it is IN my vastus medialis in the quad. The bigger circle is also part of the VMO. Something is tightened down on the muscle there separating it into two sections.

Does anyone have any idea what is going on here?