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Weird Thing I've Noticed


I hang out with a really diverse group of people but sometimes other people's ways make you stop and go , wtf? lol

Every once in a while, i've seen my black male friends pretend that they are raping girls and guys if the black guy in question is gay. The " girl " will always scream like they are frightened but then will be joshing around a minute later so its obvious that they " know what to do " well enough that this thing is almost scripted.
The first time i saw this i was pissed for a second but i knew something was up so i didnt do anything , now it look,s like the dudes are doing it to cop a feel but i've only seen this with some brothers. Whats uP? anybody else notice this?


doing it to people they don't know?

good way to get shot


If they are your friends, why don't you ask them?


what in the hell kind of pointless fucked up question is this!?!?!


WTF? These are your friends?


Exactly. He PM'd me three times asking me this before he posted this here. I guess he got the hint after I didn't respond. Anyone even entertaining this fool makes me wonder what the fuck is wrong with you.


Yeah, this is about the most fucked up thing I've read today.


are you black or is this a frat thing?


Are you seriously this stupid?


Dude...I totally notice that this happens all the time! Like my friends, one time, did play but after the same thing came. I ran for a while then saw that they already knew each other. Like one time, the same thing almost happened, but then it turns out they were joshin around but the gay guy was like what?! I had no idea what was happening so the dudes like came after me then went down. Crazy shit huh?


Its a serious post. Its just something i've noticed i just think the people in question were just being aggressive and trying to cop a feel or something. Just noticing something but it may not be a black thing at all just something i've noticed but im just bringing it up on the internet because its not a polite thing to ask your black friends about and that doesnt make me a fool.


I agree that the subject matter is off but it would be worse to ask off the internet.


No i think the people involved knew each other and like i said they were joking afterwards and it was just playing around even though it looked aggressive at first.


People do crazy stuff all the time - you ever been to a club? People that aren't worried about anyone messing with them put their hands wherever they want and act however they want.

There's a lot of people out there who will not stand up and take care of business when their friend or significant other gets groped, felt up, shoved, or harassed.

That's what I've noticed - a lot of people prefer apathy to action - I'm a fan of confrontation myself. If someone did that to one of my friends or my girlfriend, it wouldn't be a 'humorous' situation....that's for sure.



ok but the point is that both parties were really ok with it. Im a quiet introverted kind of guy im not usually the one horseplaying but the point is that the girls seemed to like it or at least not be offended about it because they would mess with that same guy a few minutes later. I
just thought that it was a black thing thats all but im sure that some of you have seen white people do this so that may not be true at all.


So its rude to ask your black FRIENDS about it, but its perfectly ok to ask Prof X (a black STRANGER) online.

Oh, ok. I was just making sure we all understood this.


They won't ever understand that. The same mentality that allowed this kid to log on and even consider this was a "black thing" simply because he saw some black kids do it will remain a constant for the rest of his life. Even worse, he still thinks the problem is "the other kids".


. . . I'm sorry, I didn't . . . uh . . . didn't quite . . . uh . . . What?!


What's 'uP' is that your writing is incomprehensible. What are you even on about?


All I have to say is I'm glad I live ABOVE the Mason-Dixon line.