Weird Thing About Brothers

I don’t get along that well with my brother. I’ve got a couple rebuilt teeth and he has some knotted up, poorly healed broken ribs from minor disagreements we’ve had over the years. I went to a private college, he went to the military. We’ve kind of got a Dude/Walter Sobchak sort of relationship (except replace bowling with boxing.) We don’t really talk or hang out that much anymore. That said…

My Jeep broke down Friday night. Guess who drug himself out of bed to help me limp it home? Spent all day Sunday in the shop getting it up and running again, guess who was right there, hangover and all, pulling parts and busting knuckles? (and throwing up once or twice haha)

Funny how that stuff works huh?

I’d be surprised if two brothers didn’t have a love/hate relationship like that (except maybe not the chronic injuries :D)

My older brother and I went to the same elementary school, he was ‘the’ bad kid on campus; our relationship was ‘Nobody beats up my little brother, except me’. In the end whoever picked a fight with me would get their butt kicked, then I would right after.

Our relationship now is more so ‘Help whenever possible, lest it gets in the way of practical jokes’.

That’s cool to hear. I don’t get along with a younger brother (I have many) in what seems like forever. He’s had many run-ins with the law, has put my parents through hell. I don’t think we’ve said more than five sentances to one another in a decade or two. As time goes on I realize life is too f’ing short and i’d forever regret it if I/we couldn’t put aside our differences. I’m glad you posted this.

I tend to get along with my little brother rather well, but him, my dad and mself are all cut from the same cloth. The only thing is he is 5 years younger than me and I see it all the time in the way he acts and does things. And its that age differance that starts most of our fights.

Also I didnt meet my brother till I was 21 so im sure that me not wanting to end his life has something to do with that. That being said every time dad calls to bitch about him I just say, “You should have taken him out when you had the chanes now he’s to big and some might miss him”

I got three older brothers. We are kinda close in mostly a formal sort of way. They always talk to me like I’m still some six year old kid which pisses me off to no end. But when the shit hits the fan we are there for each other in an instant. Nothing too big or small. Truly unconditional love.

Yep. He’s helped me work on vehicles, I’ve spent nights out in the cold and mud trying to help him get sick cows up, but we hardly ever just hang out. But on the other hand, even when we’re in a pinch we seem to have a pretty good time with it.

My little bro is 9 years younger than me but for the most part we get along really well. He just turned 16 and I think I have finally gotten him interested in hitting the gym and lifting.