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Weird Surge Experiences...


Okay, so I'm taking Surge for the first time. I've tried it twice and I just want to mention a few things.

First, holy hell that stuff is sweet! I like sweet stuff, but this is almost over the top.

Secondly, I got a sort of 'euphoric' feeling after the first time I used it. I usually leave the gym feeling a little tired but contented. After Surge, the tiredness was just gone.

Thirdly, my libido really cranked up. Usually, post-workout I'm a little less horny than usual...

Anyone else notice this sorta stuff?


Yes, on the euphoria and libido. I believe it has to do with the amt. of sugar. Great stuff.


Euphoria is due to the retarded amount of insulin "surging" through your body.

I like it up till the point where I will pass out 30 minutes later if I don't get some solid low GI food in me


Most likely correct, although the libido issue is likely a placebo effect.

I love your avatar. That is not a placebo effect.

Uggh. Most people weigh more than a 10-year-old girl, so the insulin rush is not an issue.


I didn't imagine the libido was caused by the Surge. I'm taking test boosters and I wonder if the recovery improvement allowed me to feel the libido thing more than I normally would.


Gents, the Euphoria AND libido are from the sugar rush. It's not a placebo. Dopamine is rushed into the bloodstream in response to the surge. Dopamine sets off euphoria AND a rod in the pants.

Gooood Schtuff