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Weird Stuff on Google


belevieve it or not, these are googles recomendations. what other funny google searches can peoiple find?


I was doing google street view last year and saw my girlfriend waiting for the bus.


Go to google maps and get directions. Type USA for location A and Japan for location B. Click "Get Directions" and read step 31. I find it equally as funny that they expect you to have a car waiting in Hawaii.


Nada, you're bringing this up all the time.
You need to fucking move on with your life!

I'm glad you've finally managed to find and use this Google.
Way better than altavista or even yahoo, ain't it?


Are you saying I should kill her and chop her up into little pieces and throw those pieces in the river?!?!?!
That's nuts man. Pure nuts.


Colored breakfast pastries. Google has some odd ideas about those.


How'd you know it was her? I mean, they all look alike!





new lol



Nada, there's definitely a chink or two in your reasoning armor if you're seriously thinking simply chopping up and dumping that 'stuff' in the river would get the job done.




If 27 isn't an issue then I think I could arrange a car. That was pretty funny.

  1. Kayak across the Pacific Ocean
    Entering United States (Hawaii)
    6,243 km


Oh, no he din't!!


Waddup Mussolini?
You got a problem with the way I talk?
Just got back from the gym: damn, so many darkies, PAKIS!!! and towelheads. They occupied everything.

Then, along came that chink grinning his ass off. Grinning is all they ever do. And being good in the sciences - study, study, study...


edit: wanted to test if this post would come through. LOL².


Search "241543903" in google images.


I get it but I don't get it. Head in freezer but why?





Why does there need to be a why?


This used to be one of my favorite sites:

Google Hacking Database. All sorts of queries to find passwords, hidden pr0n, etc on random servers around teh internets.