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Weird Squat Problem


Hello my squat situation bother me. I used to do working sets with weight around 160 - 180 kg but for longer time I have problems with even 140 kg. I would add that in deadlift I progress better than ever before.

Could you advice me what can be the reason? Should I work on my form, do even bigger back-off?


This could be any of a hundred different things - impossible to answer. My advice is to map out a long term program that is based in reality and make sure you have balance. Also - you have to walk before you run. So if you don’t have a base level of fitness (mile run, jumps, throws, calisthenics, bodyweight, aerobic, etc) - it’s time to get that in order rather than thinking “front squats are the answer!” Or other such nonsense.


I see your point. Well, I am asking because it happened suddenly and I can’t do anything about it but I think that conditioning might be the answer because to be honest it’s on terrible level.


Was there a significant decrease in frequency? Maybe you were squatting 3 times a week and dropped to 1 or something?


An aerobic base is key to all training. Too many fools doing crossfit when they domt even have discipline to do what is necessary. Weakness in order to follow the crowd. Sad.


brady_bogenreif - I used to squat once per two weeks because I was doing 2 days a week template. Now I am still training 2 days a week but I connected squat/bench and deadlift/press so it is more full body template.

Jim Wendler - what would you suggest to start with if I haven’t access to prowler? Go strict to sprints or start easier with running?


No! AirDyne or weight vest walk (about 20-30% bodyweight) for 30-45 minutes - minimum 3 days a week. THIS is one of major “basics” of physical culture. Not sprints or Prowler.