Weird Squat Experiment

So today i tried some weird crazy shit when squatting.

I did high bar squats to just below parallel and then flew back up.

They say there isnt any strecth reflex innthe hams during this type of squat. Note i wasnt going atg i was going maybe 2-3 inches below parallel then shooting back up no problem.

Ive noticed a few things when doing this experiment its weird or awful what ive found out… here it is.

With regular low bar squats i get hamstring and glute activation some quads of course and my belt tightens on the way down a decent amount.

With the squats i tried today as soon as i reach about 2 inches below parellel i notice something… i get an extreme build up of intra abdominal pressure and it lets me reverse the squat and fire out of the hole. The crazy part is i was using 95% today and managed to hit it for 7 repswith low bar on a good day i was averaging 3-5 good reps.

So what is your take on this?

Note i used the same belt tightness andnsame method of breathing.

I might switch to this style…

My knees just barely track my toes…

Also forgot to mention no back pain what so ever

You have found a way to squat that better uses your leverages for you that’s about it… Congrats.

If it works for you, who gives a damn what “they” say? Just pay attention to your knees is all I really have to add.

Out of curiosity, how much weight are we talking here? If you’d throw up a vid that could be helpful if you actually wnat any useful feedback though.

435 for 7 reps.

I can post an update vid this coming monday since i just squatted yesterday.

I think its nuts how many people Ive seen that get around 500 on squat or DL, and completely change their form, myself included. I’d have thought at that kinda number we would have our leverages figured out, but thats just not the case. Even Coan had some records pulling both conventional and sumo if I recall, changing stances or other things like this isnt anything new, its a huge part of this sport.

and x2 on video, Id be interested to see as well. I also get a lot more pop out of the hole with a higher bar, but I can put a lot more weight up with a lower bar-wider stance.

Do you think squatting this was would make my deadlift decline?

That depends on your leverages, arm length, and weak points man. Hard to say without more info/videos.

What’s your best deadlift and squat to date?

Deadlift 545 at a meet. 525 gym.

Squat 495 at a meet. 485 gym.

Ok heres a video i promised i was doing 385 For 10 sets of 4 this was the last set. This is how ive been squatting. Ive never been a good judge on parallel squats. So do all these look good for competition? Anything wrong with squatting this way? I can move more weight like this Than with low bar.

Looking good man, excellent depth. I think most of your reps there would be more than good enough for USAPL even.

You have a slight pitch forward on a couple reps, really focus on keeping your elbows under the bar and keeping your chin tucked while driving your head back in the hole. Keep your abs tight and your air low in your belly as well.

Thanks for the depth comment i really try to get low.

I wasnt really feeling it today. Woke up with headache and had no coffee. So i wasnt as tight as usual. Is it normal for some people to squat more with a high bar position than a lownbar position? I hate the low bar squat lol

Nothing is normal, there are elite level lifters with both bar positions. You gotta work out which one you are stronger at. Also keep in mind that its still useful to train both sometimes.

Depth looks solid.

Thanks mkral

Ive noticed that also.

Ive seen big numbers with high bar and low bar.

Also ive seen big numbers with a modified squat

What do you guys think about the style of squatting? Is it like a hybrid squat what im doing or just a half assed oly squat. The bar is high on my traps. I sit back very very slightly then just go straight down. Would you say this is more of a hybrid or just half assed oly squat?

Wish I could comment on the squat video, but it isn’t showing up for me. Did you post it directly to the website, or via youtube link?

I posted it from youtube. Let me check it out.

Try this.

Those look good man. Depth is spot on, you seem to be staying good and tight. If you’re stronger that way, keep squatting like that.

Thanks bro.