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Weird Split?

Hi everybody,

I’m new here, and I would like to have your opinions (beginners’ and experts’ alike) on this matter. I’ve tried to search the forums first, but I didn’t know how to formulate my search…

I’ve been lifting for a little less than a year now (bodybuilding), and I want to try a new split. I like doing Full-body workouts, and I also like splits, which I feel help me work my muscles better. I hate training my legs, but I love squatting heavy. So I was thinking of splitting my upper body (Shoulders, Chest and Back { no direct arm work}) on three separate days, while doing one or two leg exercises per workout.

It would look something like this:

Monday: Back (One-arm rows, chin ups, inverted rows, Squats)
Wednesday: Chest (Bench, Flyes, Pullovers, Deadlifts)
Friday: Shoulders (Military press, lateral raises, dumbbell press, Squats)

This is just to give you an idea. I won’t necessarily do the exercises in that particular order, nor will I inevitably use these exercises. Also, there is only one leg exercise per workout, but I could add another if I have enough energy left (I’m a bit of a pussy after a day at work {mechanic}… Excuses, excuses… I know!). I could even add a set of curls if I ever feel like it.

I hope I posted this on the right forum. (Also, if english mine bad, sorry english not native language of myself :wink: ).

Thank you!!

If you like full body WO maybe you can get from librairy a book by Chad Waterbury: Huge in a hurry
He suggest programs for BB with squats or deadlifts
When your WO are over i suggest for the next 8 WO try a new leg exercise it can be ultra light just with the goal of finding maybe 2 or 3 that you like. Chad has many suggestions like single leg exercises with pictures and descriptions.

You could also do searches here or youtube or google.
You can also point the articles tab than click on Featured Authors than scroll down click on Chad Waterbury he has over 150 articles in the databank
All the Best!