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Weird Signs of Hunger

I’m curious if anyone has “unusual” behaviours/reactions to being hungry that aren’t the usual (ie stomach growling, food focus, lightheadedness…)

For example, I’ve noticed that I my thinking gets more “economically rational” and get inclinations to do tasks I don’t like

This is just for fun, but studies are more than welcome!

Sounds like you are trying to distract yourself from your hunger while what you specifically should be doing when hungry is: eat.


sorry, bad wording

I’m not conciously thinking about econ- being hungry literally changes the way I think about things that have nothing to do with food (ie, I’ll usually get frustrated some high price, but when hungry, I’ll justify it as profit maximization)

I’m lost. Probably don’t understand econ well enough to follow.

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can you please move this back to off topic, I want others to “derail”

I get irrationally angry and anxious when I’m hungry… certainly couldn’t successfully do economics calcs in that state!


Hangry. I get hangry, my tolerance for bullshit decreases significantly if I am thinking about food.

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Yes, another reason to be well fed during the pandemic :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
I personally find lack of punctuality or slow movement more annoying- not great when living with my little bro :laughing:

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Your hunger, appetite, and nutrition issues warrant a legitimate discussion, not off-topic jokes, dismissal, or downplaying. If you’re ready to address them, this is the appropriate place.



(here’s a random set of >4 characters so I can post this. I know Amen would fit the bill but…)

I’ve had times when stuck on a job site working deep into extra innings that I hadn’t eaten in 8 or 10 hrs. and hunger just had to be ignored in order to do what needed done, but as soon as opportunity presented itself I’d house a whole large pizza or steak w/ a side of steak or something similar.

But That’s just postponement in order to achieve a goal.

I’ve never gotten so hungry that I changed the brakes on my car.

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You ever tried pizza with a side of pizza? Yum


I’d prefer salmon with a side of salmon head and salmon sashimi as an appetizer :smile:

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Why not pizza with a side of calazone?

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What is it with these forums and threads ending up with me wanting to post an image of Xzibit. I don’t even have the energy to caption it this time



Haven’t had one in at least 5 years. You just triggered me pig side.


Oh yeah. We have buffet style places dedicated to this. Or for large gatherings with multiple pizzas of different types of crusts and toppings you can mash 2 together sandwich style…

The possibilities are endless.