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Weird Sights in Gym


Curious about weird or humorous sights that you've witnessed in a gym.

Here is one: I had an akward request from a guy to spot him while he was doing heavy stiff dead lifts. I wasn't sure how to respond or really what to do. Should I just mount his ass like a dog? So I just kind of stood there and said "good set" when he was done.

How about this...a guy was doing stiff deads while standing on top of a bb bench. I about shit myself as he almost toppled over from loss of balance. Funny thing, he was using small plates. I guess he liked being up high! Try to beat that one!


I think probably the worst was the time I walked into the locker room and there was this naked middle aged man drying his hair under one of those hand dryers that blows hot air.


My first day working in a certain gym. The inner/outer thigh machines were facing in. There was this skinn guy hammering away on them, wearing those little runner type shorts. Well, Big Jim and the Twins tried to make a break for it! Now, how do you explain to Mr. Marathon, that his tackle was showing? Needless to say, those machines were turned around and soundly bleached!


Mount his ass like a dog...

I'm glad you didn't make that choice bro... lol.


"Well, Big Jim and the Twins tried to make a break for it!"

That's f*cking hilarious!! I'll have to borrow that line if you don't mind!


Locker rooms, especially on campus, are notorious for wandering, naked old men. I walked into the bathroom/sink area and there was an old man(around 70) brushing his teeth at the sink naked as the day is long. That was not only weird but scary!


Knock yourself out


No word of a lie, this just happened this morning!

A 40ish lady came in to get her morning grazing done on a treadmill. She has always insisted she wear an 80's type thong unitard with some sort of spandex shorts (trust me, spandex is a privelage, not a right!) Anyways, I guess she forgot the shorts part of her kit and thought it'd be ok. Anyways, the sight of this can only be described as seeing two chubby, greased pigs wrestling over an apple. What's worse, the client I was working with at the time, works in the same office. Try sitting in the same boardroom after seeing that!


I think I just threw up.


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From my gym days, I realized that a lot of men are way too comfortable being naked around other men.

I used to go to the HRC on 50th street in NYC. The locker rooms are on one floor and the showers are down a level. The only way between the two was, of all things, a spiral staircase about the width of one adult male. It was awkward going up the steps after showering and running face first into some dudes parcel because he didn't want to wrap a towel around himself or was too fat to do so. I quit the gym when my membership expired because it happened at least a few times a month.



One of the funniest things I saw in the gym was when these two guys who didnt look too big were doing sets benchign with 190. I thought that was a lot of weight for someone their size so i was watching in between sets of cable cross overs. Well they didnt put clamps on the end and one of the guys struggled with the weight and then Pooof one end of the weights is off follwoed by the rest. I couldn't help but laugh.


A friend of mine witnessed a guy stroking it in the dry sauna at our local Y and I've seen nude men with one leg up on the bench putting deoderant on their nut sacks. Also, plenty of nude shaving going on.



These are some f'd up stories. Very descriptive language. I'm still laughing my ass off at the " two chubby, greased pigs wrestling over an apple."


Equally strange, I think, is a phenomenon in the shower at the gym / pool that I go to.

There seems to be quite a few guys who shower with their bathing suits on. Now this, in itself, is not that odd. However, alot of them wash with soap, and vigorously scrub their nutsacks, inside their suits. I find it strangely unerving to enter the shower, and to see a guy who has both hands thrust inside his bathing suit, (presumably) scouring their balls.

\|/ 3Toes


most fucked up!


Clearly, you never went to a camp as a kid where they had group showers. :slight_smile:


I saw this old Greek guy standing on a chair drying his nutsack. He was in front of one of those hot-air blowing hand driers, but he had turned the nozzle upside down so the air would shoot up under his balls.

I still can't look at one of those hand driers right. Nasty.


HEY!!! that dude said he would not tell
so much for my forarm workout.


I now regret reading this thread whilst trying to eat my oatmeal!