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Weird Shoulder Problem


I did a search and couldn't really find a solution to the problem I'm having, so I decided to post a question a question about it.

It feels like its a knot in my rear shoulder. It doesn't feel like its underneath the shoulder muscle at all. It kind of feels like DOMS, but its been like this for 3 weeks and no matter how much bloodflow I get in that area (back exercises with light weight and trying to pump blood in that area), it won't go away. I have tried icing it for a few days, but it doesn't seem to get better. I'll continue to ice it, but just curious if anyone has had this problem before.

The pain seems like its pretty close to being at the very tip of the tricep, but I feel it mostly in the rear delt. It isn't getting any worse and I can do certain things (like curling and pushdowns) without having a problem, but when I do bench pressing or start warming up with shoulder presses, I can really feel it.

I know I should go get it checked out, but would a chiro or a massage therapist be a better idea than going to a physician?

Any help/thoughts would be appreciated :slight_smile:


go get ART therapy RIGHT NOW. this is a bad sign of a problem to come. I have this issue, spent the cash on ART but still have issues (tore the shit outta muscles around my rotator cuff).

I recommend doing face pulls to warm up, and ABSOLUTELY make sure you have an equal number of reps for pressing and rowing. This can be bent rows and then some rear delt raises after benching, but an equal rep count is important. Also, avoid Dbell Power Cleans- they will kill your shoulder.

At the Docs, let them know you are having troubles. They should do work on the front delt, upper pec (that feels AWESOME lol), serratus, rear delt, lat. You can do a little test on yourself by seeing if there is tension in the serratus or the upper pec (abnormal tension, you'll know what that feels like when you feel it).

I'd also recommend hot/cold showers (alternate hot/cold, keep cold on for half the time as the hot, and temps should be as extreme as you can handle. end on cold). Try to blast the areas i mentioned above that might be tight. Also be careful not to get any of the water on the boys :wink:

In my opinion, this is the prelude to an injury. I had an awesome fun time with my injury (no squatting, benching, GMs). If you're benching like a moron (ie: traditional bodybuilding elbows out) DON'T. This is going to FUCK you up over time. I'd also drop some or all of your incline work.

IM me if you've further questions, but I'd get on the ART stuff immediately. It's kind of costly, but worth while. Do lots of warm up movements from now on before benching, and potentially before squatting if you find discomfort after those sessions. Drop overhead work (though Bratford presses are great rehab work for you). Also look at EFS.com for some of the band movements for the upper back/shoulders. This will help speed your recovery (Face pulls, band pull aparts). This is coming from personal experience.



Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it. I don't do any benching, only things that don't irritate it. Doing reverse grip pull downs doesn't irritate it for some reason. Also, when trying to do overhead dumbbell presses, I can feel some pain in my bicep, yet I can do curls very easily. Possibly a pinched nerve (????)

My chest is my strongest point, so I guess it won't hurt to back off on doing those exercises.

I'll start doing ART as soon as possible.

Thanks again :slight_smile: