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Weird Shoulder Issue


So I consider myself to have an above average knowledge of Kines and Anatomy yet I can't figure this one out...


Front raises, overhead lifts, dumbbell presses once my targeted muscle group is fatigued, my teres major seizes. I used to get it on all pushes and lateral raises but I've slowly been able to do machine bench with no issue and some lateral raises. It happens on my shoulders but presents earlier on my dominant, right arm.

Any ideas? Weak rear delts? Weak teres major or RC?

I have no issue on pulls or any other major exercise!

Any help is appreciated!


What leads you to believe it's the teres major "seizing"? BTW does that mean spasming, failing, twitching? Sounds vaguely like you may have some scap stabilizer/cuff issues


^ This.

Where specifically is it bothering you during the lift? Can you mark on a photo and post up where the issue is specifically?

Is the pain exactly during the lift or afterwards or both? Any other history of shoulder injury?


Hey thanks for the replies.

It's either # 5 (teres major) or 6 (teres minor)

It happens during the lift and relaxes afterward. It doesn't seize per se, just super tired and begins to cramp. On front raises, overhead, and bench is always happens at the lower portion of the movement.

I had some stability issues on my left shoulder and had surgery. Everything is good now but this Teres issues is present on both shoulders so it's either an anatomical issue (unlikely) or a muscle imbalance. Whatever it is, it's severely limited my shoulder development!

I've started doing more direct RC work and rear delts.