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Weird Self Defense Shooting in Detroit



Two guys went into a liquor store to buy condoms. A third guy was in there, and I guess they all started talking and at some point it was about the girls they were about to have sex with.

The third guy walks outside and see's it is his 14 y/o daughter and her friend the guys are about to have sex with. He gets mad and pulls out his gun and starts shooting (btw the dad is out on parole and as such, is not to suppose to even touch a gun, yet he is carrying one around. Goes to show you how useless gun laws are at keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, heres his MDOC rap sheet http://www.state.mi.us/mdoc/asp/otis2profile.asp?mdocNumber=338319

Well his aim must've been horrible, because he accidently shoots his daughter and daughters friend. One of the guys pulls out his gun and shoots the dad in the chest, killing him. Police are not charging the guy with murder, but still on weapons charges (this is insane, a man defends his life, but still commits a crime because he didn't have big brother governments permission to do so!!!).


Damn, that's pretty messed up.


It'll be interesting how they rule on this one. Remember Plax? All he did was almost shoot his dick off. There wasn't even a second person involved but they threw the book at him based on weapons charges.


Well if I were on the jury, I would vote not guilty. Because if the guy wasn't carrying his gun, he would be dead now and i'm of the mind that you shouldn't need a government permit or license to justify defending your life.


Isn't it illegal to have sex with 14yo girls in the US?


In general yes, but I think the guys were teens themselves, although older teens. I think they were like 18 or 19.


Must write

Song about

This tragedy


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Do 14 year olds even have vaginas yet?

Damn mtv


k, so the dude who got shot was out on parole since August and was carrying nonetheless.
"kids" had a gun too. awesome.
morale - 22 cal is deadlier than some ppl think.


I didn't get my vagina 'til age 16 ... but I'm from Canada sooo...


Anyone else notice the 'not wanting to be identified' bit.. then they actually identify the girl countless times?


I was thinking....ahh the futility of gun laws. All they do is restrict the rights of non criminals. The father, who was on parole, wasn't supposed to be in the same house as a gun and yet, here he was, carrying one. You think he said "Oh darn, I don't have my special government issued permission slip, otherwise known as a CCW licence, I guess i'd better not carry this gun"? Most likely, he didn't give a shit. And he couldn't have got the gun legally, because he couldn't walk into a shop and get one, so it most likely was stolen or bought off the street.


That gives you morale? Shit depresses me.


the state should never interfere with someone's right to defend their lives.


Yeah, but that was in NYC where they've gotten tough as hell with gun laws.



I just snorted when I read that. :smiley:


Agreed 100%.
Also, when in "Da D" be really careful even if you're carrying lol.


It's so cold in the D


And 47% of people living in "The big D" can't read:


Canadian girls have beavers silly.