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Weird Redness During Deadlifts


When I do deadlifts... On my normal arm (that is to say I've had one surgically repaired) Where the elbow is on the side looking at you when you look at the palm of your hand... It goes completely red... Also further up the forearm now. It doesn't hurt but I also get lots of red dots all over the area.

Is this normal? Could it be heat rash? Or is it possibly heart related and should I get checked out.


P.S sorry if this is in the wrong section... I was torn between putting it in here or strength sports / bodybuilding.


I used to get it in small patches on the forearm by the elbow with curls and still occasionally do. It's never given me any trouble.


I'm going to assume it's just your forearm rubbing against your leg/knee when you are lowering the bar back to the ground. I used to have this problem.


Ah... If it is, I'm not aware I do it. Thanks guys!


i support the rubbing theory; the little red dots can be from your arm hair getting pulled out


When I first started lifting I used to get redness in that are as well as on my traps, traps from doing shrugs and forearms and biceps from bicep curls. Maybe this is caused from the skin stretching during the workout or maybe its blood pressure, or maybe I just used to do things wrong, I have no idea but it never gave me a problem.


People worry about funny things.


x3 With my synthetic shorts I'd get to the point where I actually cut my forearm just from dragging it along. Baby powder should eliminate this problem.