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Weird Question

I’ve been wondering why you people have chosen the name or “handle” that you have for this forum. Teddykgb are you really in the spy business? Nate Dogg ,I can’t imagine you with any other name I realize some are obvious-Mr Whopper ;). I call myself A Girl because I was a tomboy growing up and I always heard “you’re pretty good for- A Girl” Also why not use a “Handle” for those of you who use your real name?

For myself, I see no reason to use a “handle”. Maybe it’s just that I’m not inventive enough to think of one but I prefer to use my real name mostly because I try and think through things intelligently, like who am, have pride in what I have to say, and don’t mind there are others out there that know where it’s coming from.

A girl…you made the same mistake most people make…thinking I am bragging. Actually it is my name W.Hopper. My handle started about 8 years ago at work. A fax came in for me and a temp got it…she went from office to office looking for Mr. Whopper…it was way funny. Since then, I have kept the handle…I like it, and most people think the same way you do…lol!(it never hurts when girls ask you why people call you whopper!! :slight_smile:

I use Scarface b/c it is Tony Montana’s nickname in the greatest movie ever made…Scarface. For anybody on this forum who hasn’t seen the movie, check it out. I guarantee you will like it. Ironically, it is also the name of my favorite rapper too, Scarface of the Geto Boys.

I play in a rock band as lead guitarist and use to be worship leader for a church but have since resigned. So I guess this is the most fitting “handle” for me.

“Akicita” (ah KEE chee tah) is the Lakota Sioux word meaning “warrior”. I am mixed-blood Indian, and I speak my language.

A Girl I will use the name all my friends call me from now on. From now on I will be Bigdawg, my friends named me that and it isn’t becuase I am some huge guy, or that i am a dog in the chasing woman sense. I got it cause of a shirt I was wearing once. It said “IF YOU AIN’T THE LEAD DAWG, KILL THE LEAD DAWG”, since then I have been Bigdawg. I would have used and I think I might have on here before but sometimes people get the wrong idea about the name. I know my fiance who is one hot T-vixen did when she first heard it.

brider is actually my e-mail address, coming from Bike Rider, my past athletic pursuit. I used to race extensively (and I had the body of Lance Armstrong as well). I’ve since recovered, and am at a healthy 200lb. I’ll get back to racing some time in the future, but most likely velodrome racing where muscle is an asset rather than just dead weight.

When I started posting I was using t-mag girl, because there weren’t many women here…there are more now, but we are far out numbered! I’ve switched to my real name because I’m involved with a future article so i figured people should know who they’re talking to. The only nickname I’ve ever had is from Rugby. It’s Frenchie, and like Whopper, the story isn’t all that funny, but people’s assumptions are. (I learned to play rugby in France…my college team started to call me Frenchie)

Ive been shaving my head and sporting a goatee for almost five years. When Goldberg came out in wrestling he immediately became my favorite. Now that I have grown some muscle all my friends call me Goldberg. A lot of people on campus know me but dont even know my real name. My real name is Jay.

I use my last name, because, that’s what everyone calls me by anyways, or one of my 50 nicknames, also I had a rough childhood and subsequently lost the ability to be creative. Really quite sad(sniff).

The use of my real name is a habit I picked up from a pre-Web relay discussion system known as FidoNet. The use of aliases was strictly forbidden there, so I’ve stuck with my real name ever since. Besides, the only alias I could ever think of was “Flafgark Nifblab”, which obviously doesn’t have a very good ring to it.

Mine is simply the stage name used in former employment during early university

I chose ironbabe because I got sick of guys online (not on this forum of course) telling me I’d look like a man if I trained hard and heavy. I train hard, I have muscle, I’m still feminine. Therefore ironbabe. Plus, T-housewife just doesn’t have the same ring. :slight_smile:

When I was a boy my mom gave me two burritos to take to school for lunch everyday. I never carried a back pack or anything, so I just carried the burritos in my pockets. The kids at school started calling me BurritoJimmy and it stuck through high school. Im not called that anymore in college, but I still carry around burritos when I have to be gone over three hours so I can keep myself in that anabolic state.

It’s my real first name. It’s a Korean name with a root meaning of “to shine” or “to give off light.” My father was hoping that I would lead a revolution to reform Korean society–that was when it was ruled by a military dictatorship. I figured my real name was as good as any “handle” since there was very little chance of someone else using it.

Hi A Girl. I have been known by many nicknames through the years. None of them actually stuck for very long. i feel that I am responsible for my statements and questions and see no reason to not use my real name in messages. I have been around in many areas and although have been controversial at times, I have always owned up to my statements and opinions. If I were concerned about a reputation or trying to use an alias to present an image, then an alias may make more sense. However, no reason not to use my real name.

Rob Abbott

I believe my name speaks for itself.

A Girl, mine comes from a character from one of my favorite movies, Rounders. Gotta love Texas Hold Em-I can’t wait til the Vegas seminar so I can get down to Binnion’s and “flop the nut straight” on a few tourists.

My handle “hosscork” is just something that some girls in college gave me. I don’t use it here though