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Weird question

Ever since I started squatting my ass has gotten much bigger. I don’t care that much about it, though I might care on friday. See, my criminal justice class is going to observe a jail, and we will be walking through the cell tiers, while the inmates in the cells will be yelling homosexual taunts. I really don’t want to be humiliated, so I was thinking of doing my jogging with seran wrap wrapped around my ass cheeks for the next week. I’m not kidding, so what do you all think?

hahaha… why don’t you get some pants with “you can look but you can’t touch” written on ems? that way the inmats will know to leave you alone and just oogle?

Screw that. Flattery is flattery, so take it like a man (although they’d probably want you to take it like a bitch). Just down a buttload of methamphetamines before your trip and stuff a rolled up sock down your pants. You’ll be fine.

wear baggy pants. you actually think that you will lose fat just because you will sweat more from the seran rap. sounds like you have certain issues with your body composition. laters pk

footsoldier’s got to be kidding pkradgreek! I say have your girlfriend embroider “If you can read this, you’re following too closely”

In the remote chance you are serious, you need to change your squat technique, especially if you’re a tall bastard. Of course, that won’t help you next week when Bubba stalks you.

Put a sign on your back that says “Say ‘No’ to crack!”

What do I think? It’s posts like this that make me glad the Dog Pound is here.

Oh man, rub it in you “elitist bastard”! Actually, wouldn’t it be cool if we all could just hit the delete key and send a post like footsoldier’s marching on it’s way? Might drastically cut down on the posts though.

ROTFLMAO This is the funniest thing I’ve read in a long time. Thanks, I needed that before going to sleep

Try posting “No parking in rear” on your tush

Just to clarify, I am not a part of the Dog Pound nor am I sure if I’m going to apply for participation rights. There have been a few times where I would have liked to have added my thoughts, but no revelations have been lost because I could not. There are plenty of knowledgable people over there and they have made my journeys to the forum much more enlightening (no, I’m not trying to kiss ass).

And yes, that damn delete key just doesn’t seem to work.

we might think this is funny, but people are crazy out there. they actually do stuff like that. where else would he have got that idea. :slight_smile: laters pk