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Weird Question Involving Onions


Have you ever noticed how some people tend to smell like the things they eat and drink and some people don't. Most Notable would probably be onions, garlic, and beer. It seems like these smells come out of some peoples pores and doesn't affect others.

I'm wondering if anyone has any idea why this is, particularly with onions? Is there an enzyme that some people have that others don't or something along those lines?

I'm asking because whenever my wife eats onions her body (not just her breath) radiates the smell for a couple days after eating them. She tries not to eat them very often but she loves salsa and I would like to not deprive her of it but the smell can be a bit overwhelming.

I appreciate any helpful information or comments. Thanks.


Does she make her own salsa?


Good question. She rarely makes salsa. She likes to eat it at restaurants.


I'm this way and it's very irritating. I love garlic and can't eat it because I will stink like it, even if it's just a sprinkle of garlic powder over my food. If I'm drinking whiskey I start smelling like that too, which is just ever so classy. On the other hand, I have an aunt who will eat garlic by the clove, and it never affects her.


Good god, that sucks.......

Is it only the strong/foul smelling foods?


Spices and alcohol. I can make do without spices but it would be nice to have a few drinks and not reek like a bum.


you could drink peppermint schnapps and eat some cinnimon and i'll lick you up and down...


Now THAT is how you make lemonade from lemons.




I was thinking of cinnamon, too, but not the other stuff.......

backs out of thread


That probably explains why when my girlfriend stays at my house for a couple of days i start to smell like.......oh never mind!


Is that another example of your sweet functional skillz?


Alternatively, you could try drinking enough of the whiskey that you just don't give a crap about the smell.

That sucks with the garlic. I love it too. When I was working from home I'd eat cream cheese with a clove of raw garlic crushed in it on a bagel. Absolutely delicious. I haven't had that in a long time. I hope my co-workers appreciate it.



try this stuff you can find it in alot of health food stores

it really helps with all kinds of body odors.


Interesting, thank you. Still curious why this happens though.


it happens to me when i eat pizza or certain italian foods. the back of my hands will smell like pizza no matter how many times i wash my hands.


Chewing on parsley has been effective in reducing the odors from foods. It works for me at least.


I'll probably try this, thanks! Might try the parsley trick too.