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Weird Pump


In back movements, whenever i'm in a set a very peculiar thing happens to me. I have an extremely good mind-muscle connection with my back, so in the first few reps my back gets pumped ALOT(usually by rep 5). I rest-pause my back movements(not to complete failure DC style, but i stop when my form goes to shit). The second rest-pause set it's still pumped. By the third my back essentially deflates. I literally cannot feel it. Even after the set when retract my scapula i feel nothing. The problem with this is i can't gauge whether the third+ rest pause set reps were effective.

This only happens on back movements.

Anyone know what's going on with my back?


Does it occur if you use a lighter load?



Maybe your mind went blank?


@plateau and kaisermetal
I actually have a hard time feeling my back with lighter weights, i need a heavier weight or i just don't get any feeling. So yeah, i guess it does happen with a lighter weight then; but with a lighter wieght it's always deflated.

it's not a one time occurance, it always happens. my mind can't go blank that many times lol


Very interesting.

Work on squeezing the holy fuck out of your lats during your warm-up exercises. I had the same(ish) issue with my lats for the longest time - until I started pre-fatiguing them. By pre-fatiguing them I feel like you basically can't screw up and not use them - they will be on fire and you'll probably be acutely aware of them, haha.

And yes, even with rest-pause I'd recommend that.


Does your form change at all when this happens? Any fatique?


maybe try recording a video, that way we can help you access your problems better.


I'm gonna start pre-fatiguing my lats with kayak rows. And during my warm-up sets i ramp up with sets of 3 holding the contraction tightly. For some reason i lose my mind-muscle connection with higher reps, sucks.


Well i'm fatigued since it's later into my rest-pause set. But my form doesn't change, i rest if my form goes to shit(that's how i do my rest-pause)


The same kind of thing happens to me, my theory is my biceps are getting fatigued before my back and my form starts to deteriorate


Slightly off topic question, but what are kayak rows that everyone seams to be going on about lately? I've trying searching but all I can find is how to row an actual kayak.


you may be confusing 'no MM connection' with 'comparatively less MM connection'.

I wouldnt worry about it unless you think other muscles are doing the work that the target muscle should be doing.






Yeah this is probably it


On a related note, i've noticed my lats pump up with low rep sets and don't respond to higher reps at all. In today's rest pause, i did 2 reps, rested 5 seconds, repeated until near failure. With higher reps, i physically can't feel my lats, but with 2 rep sets i feel it immensely.

This is the exact opposite of what CT and most big guys recommend for lats. What gives?


by your nickname I would guess you have a preference for low reps, I think you're jut better at targeting every muscle with low reps, because you're more used to it.


That's happenned to me with chest on bench a few times. I think it's just the quality of the contraction. You probably aren't deliberately squeezing your back hard with the lighter loads. Just a guess.